In The Beginning…..

In the beginning…… there was this thing called a smartphone – iPhone 3G to be precise. I had been told a little about this thing called “geocaching” by my sister who’s friend had just started out. I liked the idea of hunting for tupperware in the woods, so downloaded Groundspeak’s free app for iPhone.

It took me several months to really try it out though. My first attempt was when visiting Cliffe Fort in Kent. The free app had me directly on the spot of “Torpedoes Again” but try as I might (for half an hour) I couldn’t find what I was looking for. My family kept wandering off and leaving me behind so I decided to give up and try again another day.

This was the same story for the first 5 caches I tried looking for, and then one hot day in April I took the children out to a nearby circular with my younger sister to try again. Once again we tried and failed with the first three caches on “The Cooling crawl”

But brute will and determination saw success when we got to the fourth set of co-ordinates and boy were we pleased, we were ready to give up and go home. But with the buzz of finally finding a geocache we persevered and completed our first 3 mile walk, with just 7 out of 14 finds.

Our First geocache

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