Okay, really?? Spiders…. Urgh I hate them!

But to actually hide a cache somewhere where spiders breed, well come on! Who’s silly idea is that?

Kent Geocachers hit the News

So there I am, back in October 2011 attending a county caching event at The Jenny Wren in Sittingbourne, Kent with fellow geocaching friends, talking and exchanging stories, swapping travel bugs and helping each other out with hints and hides. Listening to WillingNick, Windymiller, MizMazMoz, TopropeIan and Sir-Lancelot excitedly talking about their morning with a local newspaper reporter, when someone decides that we should all go as a group to Hollingbourne Zero Station / Arachnophobia.

Spider eggs just brushing the tops of our heads!

Well, what the hell was I thinking when I agreed to go with them. I HATE spiders, I should have known by the title of the cache that I wouldn’t enjoy it much, but I was not going to be all girly and not go. So off we went to Hollingbourne, a nearby village to go and play in the dark with spiders.

I must admit that despite my fear, and the fact

Is the cache there?

that I was feeling physically sick when I came out of the tunnel (apparently I had turned a shade of green too) I did quite enjoy the find and I had to give the listing a favourite point. It took me a good few minutes to calm my nerves before I was able to walk again.

Unfortunately for me, Jellybeansgeokid and CadencetheGeokid now want to go out and do this one. Thankfully Smif247 said he will take them. Next time I will be staying outside and taking photographs of them all coming out again after signing the log.

Thank goodness, daylight! Get me outta there!

By Luminesence

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2 thoughts on “ARACHNOPHOBIA

  1. DDMR

    You will have to let me know when they go would love to add this to my cache list.

  2. We will text you DDMR

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