“Hello from Blaze of Cadence”, “Hello from 100” And of course hello from me, CadencetheGeokid! Now 1st I’m going to tell you a bit about when I got my trackables and where, the rest about them will be under a different category!

I got Blaze of Cadence 1st on Wednesday 20th July 2011 you can view it’s page HERE! I then got 100 my geocoin on Sunday 1st Janury 2012 HERE is it’s page, you can see 100 and Blaze of Cadence below! Blaze of Cadence came in the post, and I got awarded 100 in Shipbourne doing the Shipbourne stroll Part II!

Blaze of Cadence!


So they’re the trackables I own, now it’s all about ME!!!


I started Geocaching on Saturday 23rd April 2011 but only got my 1st geocache on Monday 28th April, due to a number of DNF’s (Did Not Find)! I have currently only got 128 geocaches but that is LOADS compared to some people! When I started geocaching I wanted to call myself CadencetheGeokid because my middle name is Cadence and I’m a Geokid, pretty simple when you think about it! Now Luminesence is nagging me to hurry up so I’ll write again soon BYE! “Goodbye from Blaze of Cadence” “Goodbye from 100” And of course goodbye from me CadencetheGeokid!


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