Think before an FTF!

Let me set the scene, it’s the August school break. The girls and I had been out caching the day before and were feeling a little tired so we had decided to have  a rest day. Jellybeans and I had driven out to do a local cache & dash while Cadence was at a friends earlier in the day, so we weren’t too concerned or too addicted to geocaching at the time.

The girls were in the garden playing with our chickens and I was happily browsing Google + and Facebook enjoying the heat that we were having, when I got a text from our friend WillingNick. “Hay what u up to theres an FTF between Strood & Higham GC31847 called rusty01” 

Well, I don’t think I had moved so fast. In the space of a minute I had already pulled the listing up on the app, text WillingNick to say we were on our way, and rallied the girls to the front door. I was so excited, the adrenalin rush was amazing.

We hopped in the car and off we went, Jellybeans guiding us using the map and following the little red arrows towards the green dot. We pulled up alongside the road and spent about 10 minutes trying to find the footpath towards the field we needed to be going through. Then after closer inspection we realised we were in the wrong road. Back into the car we jumped and off we went again. Finally finding the right road. Just as I threw my car into a layby, WillingNick drove past. We knew we had to be quick., we knew we had wasted precious time.

Out we ran, towards the compass direction, determined to get there first. Unfortunately we were traveling through a wheat field, following the tractor tracks towards ground zero, but this didn’t help me in the slightest. As I was running I realised I was still wearing crop trousers and my legs were beginning to sting. I was not deterred as WillingNick was close behind me.

Finally, ground zero was in sight, I spotted the potential hiding space and got there first, wheezing, Jellybeans was close behind and as I was bent over trying to catch my breath, she ducked under me and “pushed” WillingNick back so she could grab the FTF.

It was as we were signing the log and laughing about the race that I then realised that WillingNick’s legs were red raw and bleeding, he had followed me across the field, so I then looked at mine which were stinging like I had never felt before. We were both covered in tiny little cuts from where the wheat ears were brushing against us as we ran.

I learnt an important geocaching lesson that day! It doesn’t matter how quickly you rush out for an FTF, always make sure you are wearing long trousers, because you don’t know what the terrain will be like until you get there.

By Luminesence

You are more important than an FTF

Wear long trousers!

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4 thoughts on “Think before an FTF!

  1. Owch! That is seriously keen for a FTF LOL. Hope you recovered quickly. Will follow your blog 🙂

    • That was our first ever FTF and we were very keen to get it. My legs took about a week to recover, but at least I learnt my lesson. I now never leave the house in short trousers LOL

  2. I used to wear knee length shorts when out geocaching here in Saudi Arabia – except that I always came home with cuts and scrapes (that I don’t remember getting) – because we were scrambling up and down rocks and wadis. Now I wear full length trousers. No more cuts, but the trousers have taken a beating and my tailor wishes I would just throw them out instead of bringing them in to get fixed after each weekend.

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