Male pattern Geocaching

I started Geocaching last October when a friend got an email alert, so at 8 am on Sunday 16 October 2011 a new love was born into my life no not with email or said friend (although that did follow later).

Smif247 first solo find

I did my first ever cache and dash, a mad drive up country lanes, the UK speed limit on such roads is 60 mph (96.56 kph) on roads around a cars width.  So glad these were the types of road I learnt too drive on, as the heartbeat eventually slowed around 11:30. I was excited and sad as my friend extracted a small magnetic tube after a brief search only to find we were 15 minutes too late.

For me over the next few days the excitement wore off a little,  as a well known couch potato and allergic to exercise type of guy, I had a strange moment I loaded my free geo app grabbed my shoes and jacket and took myself off for a little stroll.  How bad can a little gentle stroll be as I watched the little blue dot get closer to the little green ballon type thingy, I wasn’t really too concerned by the lack of oxygen going through to my brain but far more amazed by the fact my phone was able to move with the little blue dot.

The view from the top of the hill (or small mountain as it felt at the time) was amazing and only about half a mile from my front door. Boy was I glad I had only to go down and I would have the prize in my hand…

It wasn’t until after I had a little tupperware pot of hairbands and Christmas

Smif247 signed the log

cracker contents in my hand did it dawn on me I had to go back up the hill to get back to my sofa and coffee cup. I suddenly thought what the heck was I thinking I’ll never make it back up there! I was exhausted! How I longed for a flask of coffee and a very sugary doughnut at that point.

But with the biggest grin and a goofy smile I started the climb back. I was so chuffed to have gone “solo” on a geocache. I took loads of photos! I did have to stop at least three times on the hill but I did eventually make it back to the sofa and to await instruction on how to log a find.

I’ve done a few more since then and I’m a lot fitter now. It’s amazing what a transformation comes from a passion for tupperware hunting.

I now have my account set to email my phone with new caches so I can jump in the car and tear off into the sunset or sunrise at any given moment.

Addicted much?

My name is Smif247 and I’m a Geocacher

View from the top of the Valley

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One thought on “Male pattern Geocaching

  1. D.D.M.R.

    I as smif247 & others who write this blog know am less able than most but with a driver am getting finds. The rush of first few is amazing. Worst 1 to date has to have been life begins. Like climbing a hill when unfit but it’s very highly muggled. Keep up the good work smif247 & you won’t want the sofa you’ll be wearing out the carpet breaking in 3rd pair boots lol

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