Signed Log – Injury Sustained!

Memorial cache & Turks Head Knot

Smif247 and I decided to do a couple of simple cache & dashes on the way back from the morning school run.

Things were going well, we visited a nice good size cache in memory of a local Scout (Stephen James Young Memorial Cache #1) and dropped a scout related travel bug. However, we had noticed that this particular cache may need moving at some point due to the building of a new academy and has become rather exposed in a highly muggle occupied area.

Turks Head Knot with cache lid


After logging our find we decided to go check out one that a fellow geocacher, Rosieb123, had asked us to try and find, as she had had little success. So off we drove to Dock Road Rasta.

A simple 1.5/1.5 cache & dash! Well, you would think so wouldn’t you?

There we were either side of a wall, hunting in the ivy for a micro for about 10 minutes. I get bored easily when I can’t see a cache straight away, so I sat on the small wall  reading the logs while Smif247 carried on looking.

After a few minutes a particular log piqued my attention and I threw my legs over the wall rapidly, not realising that the drop on the other side was bigger, until I slid and scraped my thigh on the brickwork. Thankfully I was able to stop myself from sliding down the steep slope towards the main road, thwarting a lovely trip to A&E.

Ripped Jeans

With my thigh smarting, and me sulking because I had ripped yet another pair of favourite jeans I quickly spotted our “prize”! Unfortunately I was in so much pain at the time I was unable to open the cache and sign the log myself.

The damage caused

Tip for newbies and old hats alike – Don’t ever wear your favourite jeans!

By Luminesence

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3 thoughts on “Signed Log – Injury Sustained!

  1. Bill Derwent

    Caching injuries are always fun! I recall a local cache last year leaving me with some very nasty alergic reactions. A huge bush of stinging nettles and a slippery bank. I was a walking mountain of nettle burns, cuts and rash for about a week. I could barely use my hands. Never have been back to find it 😀

    • LOL Bill, I can imagine your pain & disappointment and don’t blame you for not returning. However, it may be clearer during the winter months and a lot less painful
      😀 Luminesence

  2. D.D.M.R.

    Anyone who knows you well wouldn’t have been surprised if you had ended up at a & e, only surprised you’ve been caching over difficult turain this long without going to hospital. Keep up the good work. (hope I’ve not jinxed you. X)

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