What not to do at night!

After our crap night (pardon the pun), a large group of us headed back from the night cache disaster, we had to pass another cache it was a 5/4 (difficulty and terrain are rated 1-5, 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest).

As some of you may be aware I can be a tad competitive at times, I was walking with some of the group on the way down and it was mentioned that this particular cache needed climbing gear but that a rope was there.

Now being male in a group with 7 males it doesn’t take long before someone says something daft like “I’ll do it” and it soon gets out of hand.

Well, one of the group shouts “I’ll do it” followed by”I’ll do it without ropes!” So then three males decide to climb a chalk faced cliff overlooking a busy motor-way at around 8:30-9pm in the dark with no equipment.

We all stripped to jeans and jumpers, the gloves came off quiet literally. As we dumped our stuff with the main group and off we headed. The two Smiths heading up without the aid of ropes, our much younger counter-part took the rope and away we went all the way up none of us checked the coords so it wasn’t until we all got to the top that we realised it was actually just above half way. So we found a direct path and headed down (by which time a forth testosterone machine had joined us. Only to look down and see a girl halfway up, but she stopped and headed back down (wise woman).

So one Smith (no relation) was at the coords when I decided he needed help, I literally flung myself off the top aiming for a small bush about 15 feet down, fortunately I landed on it. Unfortunately it didn’t stop me! However it did slow me enough to find a hand hold. Scrambling across to where I thought the cache should be. I found it almost immediately, it was then the realization hit me of just how stupid I was, halfway up a chalk face in jeans and jumper and walking boots, now without the mad expectation of the “find” to drive me, I realised I had to climb back up to the top…after getting hit on the head by large lumps of chalk dislodged by the others climbing back up it dawned on me just how loose the chalk face actually was. It made for an interesting climb back and I was very glad to grab my partners brothers hand as I neared the top, knowing full well if he let me fall she would kill him!

And that my friends is the tale of “let’s face it 2


By Smif247

4 Big Kids behaving badly!

by smif247

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4 thoughts on “What not to do at night!

  1. DDMR

    I have to admit i did have fun climbing up the big hill & I’m glad that Smif247 trusted me enough to grab my hand to help him up i think we all earnt the find that night.

  2. D.D.M.R.

    Only you :+)

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