Gps 60 v iPhone 4

About three weeks ago I brought a second hand garmin gps 60 garmin gps 60
To do caching with and I have been trialing it against the iPhone 4 iPhone 4
The results were a bit of a shock the only area the gps outsmarted the smart phone was battery life. So a trip to maplins and twenty quid later a new case that charges the phone and problem solved.
Out last night to pick up a couple of d.n.f (did not finds) and the phone battery held out very much better.
I have played about a fair bit and on the official app I can download pocket queries of pretty much any size wirelessly, where as the gps, whilst much faster it is limited to 500 waypoints or caches.
The iPhone saves them to use offline and are easy access and quick to use and jumping from one cache to another is a matter of ease with the touch screen. The garmin is fiddling with buttons and having to know how too.
Entering waypoints and changing coordinates is easy with both devices, although even that the iPhone still just pips the garmin.

So all told I’m thinking I now have a dust gathering toy in my bag.



by smif247

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10 thoughts on “Gps 60 v iPhone 4

  1. Bill Derwent

    I have to say, having moved from an iPhone to an Samsung (Android), then from there to a Garmin eTrex GPSr, I think the best ease/quality/accuracy comes from the Samsung. Having said that, though, I prefer, on some levels, the GPSr overall. It feels a little more orienteering-ish, if you get my meaning. Additionally, like you, I found the battery life on the iPhone and the Samsung to be far too inefficient for long stints of caching.

    As for apps, I was using c:geo on both iPhone and Samsung, and found it to be fantastic on both. I pay for a GS membership already, I’m not willing to pay for an app on top of that πŸ˜€

    • Smif

      It’s good to field test as much as possible I think bill haven’t tried the Samsung yet my aunt got one last week so I’m waiting for the reports.
      My partner uses c:geo on her iPhone and gets on really well. Both of us are premiums too, and yes the app is dear but c:geo is nearly the same price in the app store now so either way it costs lol.

      • Just to clarify, I have been using geosphere πŸ™‚ not c.geo! Lol
        I prefer geosphere to the ground speak app though, not sure why yet! However I have had to use ground speak this week because I didn’t do a large enough PQ for geosphere.
        I still think I will use my garmin Oregon 450 for longer caching days as I like to keep the iPhone battery life for outside contact.

    • Smif

      My bad it’s geosphear she uses not c:geo which isn’t available for iPhone.

  2. I use my 60CSx a fair amount still – battery life is the main reason – it also has a mount I can use on Tiger-monkey’s pram. I’ll admit I haven’t bothered finding app replacements for some of the other things I find very useful on the 60CSx. Trackback is an absolute life saver when you often forget where you parked the car, and combined with the always accurate when does the sun set will help me not get lost on a mountain after dark without a flashlight ever again!

    For logging? The Android, hands down, so many times. I can write my log right when it is fresh, and (hopefully) not leave those logs from that cache run until I am home and have no idea which geocache was the cleverly placed micro and which was the nano that has me tearing out my hair.

    I’ll likely keep going with the 60CSx for some time, and use the phone to look up information and write my logs.

    • smif247

      I started Geocaching with the free app on the iPhone, so for me I find the Phone easier than the gps unit however, my gps is the older style gps 60.
      My partner has the Oregon 450 with touch screen and i get to try it tomorrow against the iphone with battery pack.
      so maybe a colour touch screen may well tip me back to a proper gpsr πŸ™‚

  3. Adam

    Problem with iPhone is that if you have zero signal/gps then your screwed. My friend brought the Magellen eXplorist GC which has made caching in rural locations 10x easier!

    • smif247

      Yep I tried using the iPhone offline in airplane mode the compass works but not a lot of help whilst on the hunt.
      I haven’t tried Magellan gps would be very interested in seeing one at work though.

  4. Bruno

    I use both a handheld GPS (Garmin the simple one… quite similar to the one on the photo) and apps on Samsung Galaxy S (I).

    The GPS reception on the Galaxy S (I) is quite takes forever to get a fix… so I prefer my Garmin.. but even if it wasn’t for the reception I would prefer my Garmin for the following reasons:

    1) the LCD display of the Garmin has much higher contrast.. this makes it easier to read. I have cached in the South African summer sun … it was much(!) easier to read the GPS

    2) the GPS is (semi) water proof.. i have cached in the Dutch winter… muddy and raining… I wouldn’t want to operate my touch screen phone with muddy wet hands… the Garmin device doesn’t seem to get damaged by a bit of rain and mud

    3) battery life is already mentioned

    4) when I don’t use my phone..I can have TWO electronic gadgets πŸ™‚

    the only thing I do NOT like about the Garmin is the time it takes to put in coordinates… it takes forever… but as I am not one of those cachers who go for dozens of caches in one’s bearable .. I go for a couple.. at the most..


    • smif247

      Some very good points made there.
      However the display on the iPhone outstripped the gps 60.

      I have now sold the garmin but I’m not giving up on gos units just yet, I think because I started caching with my phone adjusting to a gps unit is harder as before caching I was a definite couch potato and the only gps I used was the sat nav in the car.

      I cache sometimes using bigger walks other days just the odd one or two much easier for me to load nearby caches than download lots of caches via pocket query.

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