What’s your favourite type of cache hide?

Okay guys, this is an interactive post. We are looking for your thoughts on cache types.

Tell us what style of geocache you enjoy finding and why? What would you like to see in the future?

All thoughts and feedback are welcomed…. Watch this space!

Ammo Can Cache

Magnetic Snail

Cone Nano

Log Cache

Regular Nano

Conduit Micro

Apple Nano

Regular Cache

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3 thoughts on “What’s your favourite type of cache hide?

  1. Bill Derwent

    For us, I’d say anything imaginative. Well camo’d caches are my personal favourite, though. Ingenious hides with ingenious clues/puzzles. And, of course, the Ammo can is always a firm favourite, too đŸ˜€

  2. My all time, can never be beat, cache type is an ammo can in the woods.

    I prefer larger caches, hidden wherever they are.

    In general I don’t like hides that take a great deal of time to locate. I don’t mine the clever hides (like the cone cache above) IF they are hidden in a way that is not “look through 100 cones, find the right one”. Normally the ones I’ve enjoyed had 10 or so options. Or fake bolts in woodwork (Like on wooden walkways) where the options are limited.

    Micros are fine if they are creative. For the love of $diety, please no more LPCs… unless it is super creative. I did a multi once where the first stage was an LPC, which lead to an actual lamp in the woods – that was fun.

    Really I much prefer the journey to GZ than the hunt at GZ.

  3. Fianccetto

    I like small/regular sized caches that have a natural camo exterior – like a log or stone. I love how they are out in the open and only a geocacher would know what they are, anyone else would overlook them. It’s nice if they are big enough to have a log book with interesting comments and a few swaps/some space for trackables too.

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