Setters bug !

Well it’s started! First I had an invite to help a friend lay out a new night cache near where I live.

What could possibly be the harm in that I thought, Just a bit of fun…. How wrong I was! I now have the setter’s bug.

It all started with a simple message on Facebook, could someone help out with laying out a night cache. I responded and got a message back to say we would meet up, have a chat and then go lay it out.

I arrived a little early and as it was cold nipped into the pub to wait. Soon enough up comes LA:RS and off we set. We decide to walk the route first then set the fire-tacks on the way back. After a good stroll out to the GZ (ground zero) and a quick scout about I’m shown the tree we are to use and the hide that will be holding the logbook. All very well done and most impressive but after seeing some of this cachers other hides I’m not surprised by the standard.

Up the tree I go to attach a separate part to the cache, all very interesting. So chuckling away with a torch in my mouth as both hands were holding the tree I started climbing. As I sat in the tree with a beam of light coming from my gob I could hear voices, stopping to see a couple of guys looking on in wonder at what the daft bloke up a tree was doing this late at night in the dark climbing trees when it was so cold!

Part B firmly attached I climbed back down and the tacks were placed and back tracking began, fire-tacking as we went, must say I didn’t notice the cold too much as I was away climbing tree’s like a lad again and popping fire tacks into place. It wasn’t long before we were at the start point and checking coordinates. The evening left me buzzing so much so that I spent the next few days wondering when I would hear that it had been checked. I’ve had a phone call, all checked and working, (not published yet as an event may be used to launch this geocache).

Meanwhile; back home I had disemboweled a garden ornament that had a sensor in it and started hunting for a suitable home. It now contains a logbook in a watertight container placed inside the ex-garden ornament and has been deployed and is awaiting a reviewer to publish.

It really gave me a buzz going out with LA:RS to set the night cache, but to actually buy something adapt it, then find the right location and set my own is such a blast. I can’t wait for either to be published and watch the listings. It’s such a “happy dance” feeling as Rosieb123 calls it. If your a geocacher that hasn’t set a cache yet go on give it a whirl, it’s very easy and nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be, all in all a very rewarding experience.

smif247 is doing happy dancing whilst waiting for publication 🙂

PS; The hint isn’t “at the bottom of an ivy covered tree” 😉

by smif247

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4 thoughts on “Setters bug !

  1. Bill Derwent

    Me ‘n the Missus have our first cache put together. Has been waiting since last November, but we just haven’t found anywhere to put it yet. 😦 Talk about frustrating lol

    • smif247

      Frustrating indeed i was out picking up chicken feed when i spotted the “right” place for this little fella to go,
      keep looking you’ll find it i’m sure

  2. D.D.M.R.

    Know where you are coming from smif247

    • smif247

      Yep I’m sure you do after setting an excellent cache yourself.
      Waiting for review is hard lol

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