Snow, My Spartan and an FTF.

This blog starts a few days back with a local trip out to some local cache’s. Armed with my trusty phone off I went solo into the snow to try for four of the Cooling Crawl series.

The snow was crisp and very white, so very peaceful and beautiful. It wasn’t long before I was headed into Narnia searching for the elusive micro; wondering how long it would take digging around trying desperately not to leave a cachers trail.

After 2 hours walking, running and caching I was more than ready for a hot coffee, so turned for home. It’s funny how much more friendly people are in the snow, loads of people wanted to stop and chat on my way back.

Highly recommended if you need to get a clear head, and peace and solitude is your way of doing it.

Then on to Grain Battery Tower! Up at 6 am meeting up with a few geocachers to attack Grain battery tower and the Fort Micro that had been placed there.

It’s an old disused fort (one of Palmerston’s Follies) in the middle of where the Thames and Medway river’s meet the North Sea.

LA:RS has fast become a good friend and fellow geocacher, he does however come up with some interesting schemes.

On this occasion we ended up in an old fort with nine geocachers & one muggle in a little room at the very top of the fort. We had to climb an old ladder to get in, but well worth it, as the views were great and exploring all the little rooms was very exciting.

On we went to do another series. That day there was still snow on the ground and it was below freezing point, so we went with the name team ice cube for our log signing, as there were so many of us out.

Now I do like a bit of a challenge and have a habit of taking on a little more than I should at times! Caching seems to bring out the madness in me. As I was fast approaching 300 finds I wanted something out of the ordinary to do as my “Spartan” 300th cache. Now, we have a few 5/5 in the area and what better way to man up to the warrior challenge than a hardcore cache.

Six Foot Under was chosen and so was a caching partner; DDRM is up for a laugh! So help enlisted we set off.

It’s a three part cache. Part one a puzzle: this was relatively easy in comparison to the rest. So with part one complete we arranged to meet at the parking coords and set our time and date.

We met at 3 pm and headed out to part two: to find a game piece and the second set of coords. Well after a longer walk than necessary we found ourselves face to face with an eight foot fenced building sight between us and the game piece; so all the way round the outside we went, finally dropping down a six foot wall to secure the game piece needed for the third and final part.

As we punched in the coords to our phones the final resting place was as suspected – a good six foot under! But not ground! Oh No! It was underwater, and not the nice heated pool type either, more your freezing sea type! Avoiding security patrols that guard the area and cctv cameras that also guard this lovely little spot, we were soon at the final GZ, and low and behold at 5 degrees on shore in I went using the game piece to release the cache from its resting place and bringing it up to the surface to sign. Now it was DDMR’s turn as we had already decided one to retrieve and one to replace so we could both log it.

Unfortunately due to not wanting to give away the GZ photo’s won’t be added.

In he went and re-attachment commenced. He was soaked! And as his head nearly disappeared I was glad I was at least not having to replace as well. The adrenaline was keeping me warm for now.

Task completed and cache safely back in place we had a nice little walk (about 1/2 a mile) to replace the game piece for the next cacher to go after six foot under. It was nearly dark as we got back to the cars. Hot shower, hot coffee and a happy dance for the spartan.

After a late night I thought I’d be safe for a lay in, but no my email alerted me to a new cache at 7 am the following morning! So with a gentle shake to let the good lady know I was off out into the freezing cold for my 301st cache, off I went again. This time it was one of the supermarket sweep series that I have been following closely, as I have 8 FTF’s out of the 9 published (I missed number 3 as it was hijacked by another cacher), so the original series by LA:RS I have a full score sheet so far of First to Find.

After a shuffle around and some repeated shoe lace tying I soon had the cache in my hand and FTF signed at 7:20 time for another happy dance as rosieb123 calls it.

Just a few of the views we saw on the day

by smif247

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2 thoughts on “Snow, My Spartan and an FTF.

  1. dollypeg

    that s reads great and sounds that you had a hard but fantastic time

    • Smif

      It was great fun, the snow was great but not so good for geocaching.
      The views from the battery tower were amazing. The rest of that day was spent on bluebell hill doing the griffins Grizz series.
      And I learnt a pair of army combat trousers and a tee shirt is NOT good for underwater wear in the medway river at 5 degrees.
      Still learning lots of how not to do its lol

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