Kent Cachers Midnight Bimble

The filled container!

Those of you who have been following our blog may remember Friday 13 January and the appalling devastation of our local Forest Night Cache,

well Saturday 25 February 2012 marked the publication/launch of Kent’s newest night cache.

After having read of the destruction of the Forest Night Cache back in January, LA:RS set to work informing our Facebook group that:

“I sat last night with a 1m long strip of reflective tape, box of drawing pins, Scissors and some superglue. Currently I have 27 tacks for making a replacement night cache, (more to be made tonight when wife’s at work…) I plan on rolling it through some woody areas into open land and then into an urban finale.”

Well, you can imagine our excitement! We were overjoyed…. That was when smif247 started to get the texts from LA:RS about night time recon’s and tree climbing in the dark. The hairs on the back of my neck were beginning to get a little tetchy by this point, and every time the 2 of them went out, firstly to set up, then to make sure it worked okay and finally to add a little twist & surprise before the launch night I ended up sat on the edge of my sofa awaiting a safe return of smif247. But my panic wasn’t necessary, he returned safe & sound each time.

Posh Caching

Then came the email notification of an event-that can’t be right? An event? We already have a Kent Caching meet booked and publiscised for the week before, Best Bib & Tucker! Something is not right here. Kent Cachers Midnight Bimble was to be a mini meet, just an hour long in a pub in Brompton, close to the Army Barracks. Interest piqued and suspicions aroused for local cachers, and talk began of what may be in the pipe lines. Turns out that it wasn’t just the local’s showing interest! Not long after the publication smif247 (and LA:RS) were contacted by an international geocacher Mikro-John from Norway, who was visiting England for a geocaching holiday and wondered whether he too could join us at the meet. Well, us Kent Cachers are a mighty friendly bunch and so the lads said they would be pleased if he could fit it in to his agenda.

Then just a few days prior to the event smif247 received yet another contact,

Jellybeans & Cadence Glam caching

this time from a trainee reporter from the Medway Messenger asking if she could come along and interview geocachers as she wanted to write a story about geocaching within Medway. Obviously the answer was yes, seeing as for us the meet may be marking a new chapter within the Medway Towns.

The day of the meet arrived and believe me, smif247 was a nightmare during the day. Very fidgety, nervous, anxious & worried that the night would not go well. Then a new log for the meet came through, this was for a geocaching team from Portsmouth (Rolfeclan) saying that they would be in attendance to mark their 1000th find!! This was getting more exciting by the minute.

When we arrived at GZ for the meet, I thought we were in the wrong place. A small squaddies pub which was pretty packed when we arrived became a hive of activity and was bursting at the seams as more & more caching teams streamed in through the doors. By half 6 there had been 26 teams signed in to the meet log book and 69 TB’s dropped into the meet box. Mikro-John & Rolfeclan had arrived, as did Becci Hughes, the reporter. A lot of chatter ensued as everyone became quite excited by sharing their caching stories and milestones. Then at 19:01 there was almost mass hysteria as all those with premium membership became incredibly animated due to the publication of a brand new geocache listing very close by. This was the moment we had all been waiting for….. The launch of a new night cache, Kent Cachers Midnight Bimble

I have never seen a pub clear out as quickly as I did last night! Teams teamed up with other teams, and depending on how fast their smart phones were loading, depended on when they set off up the road. I’m sure some of them set off running!

I went as part of the last team, with Jellybeans & Cadence and their new friend Mikro-John and a few other stragglers. It felt very odd walking the residential streets as part of a night cache but we soon came to park land and I began to feel more comfortable with my surroundings. Torches trained at eye level waiting for the elusive glimpses of fire tacks leading us to our final destination! On we went following the route and we quickly came across a large group of torches, it was one of the other teams just heading back. They quickly realised they had missed a little something, turned around and walked towards the final destination with us.

At the finish we were pleasantly surprised by the cache log book container and as we all logged our names gave muttered congratulations to Team Cannon 1 for obtaining FTF within 26 minutes of the cache being published, then I shone my torch up into the tree we were all stood around. About 12 feet up there appeared to be another container – This must be the TB Hotel that is mentioned within the description. No sooner had I mentioned it Jellybeans was up the tree like a rocket! Unclipping the lid of the container, there was a little shriek of excitement as she discovered the tub had been filled with packets of Haribo, just for the children who had come along for the discovery. What a lovely little twist, thanks LA:RS & smif247. Down Jellybeans clambered and began devouring her sweets, just as someone mentioned wanting to put a TB in the tub. Up she jumped, like she had ants in her pants, grabbing the TB, she scrambled up the tree again like a monkey in pursuit of a banana! Ready for the next set of finders.

Kent Cachers Midnight Bimble

What a great time we had finding this, made especially good by the anticipation of the meet, the new connections made with national & international geocachers who turned out for the occasion, and of course the sweets and socialising at the pub afterwards. Once again I would like to thank LA:RS and smif247 for setting this geocache as a replacement of our old one. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that it survives the test of time.

by Luminesence

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3 thoughts on “Kent Cachers Midnight Bimble

  1. DDMR

    Hi guys after last night and the Kent Cachers Midnight Bimble myself DDMR Ickennugget and Pheonixjp sat discussing a new night cache (after finishing off a route we did last weekend which was a mean feet first route consisting of 52 caches over 10 miles then a route of 30 cache which we made it half way round and the light beat us other cachers said we were mad i fully agree) starting urban into non urban back to urban with a choice from the first GZ to pick a route which would be a short route to the main GZ picking up a bonus cache on route or the long route with a min of 3 bonus caches on route, we will now be doing a route check to see if it can be done also checking with the powers that be to see if it can be done. (bonus caches only available if you do the night cache look for the GC code!!!) With a nice bit of entertainment back at a local pub within walking distance from he main GZ thanks to my local land lord who would love the extra people in the pub and after the meet last night we know we can get a few caching teams into the venue. Just watch this space and there will be some GC codes coming soon.

  2. D.D.M.R.

    Sounds like a good time was had by all. Sorry I had to miss it.

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