CadencetheGeokid:sequel/200 mark!


HELLO HELLO HELLO! Since I last talked about myself and my geocaching AS a geokid life, I have released Traveling keyring collecting pirate, my travel bug, that well wants to collect keyring pals!

Traveling keyring collecting pirate & me

Now you’re …YES YOU(!)… are probably wondering about the title of this blogISH thing, well wonder no more because I am going to tell you now!

Last night (7 March 2012) I DID THE MOST SCARIEST MOST AMAZING cache by LA:RS. It had a 20 ft ladder down to it, a nearly empty room, an interesting find AND LOTS OF MAHUSIVE SPIDERS!

This “wicked in a good way” cache was my 200 mark yay! Now even though

Hoo ROC as it looked in 1997

I’m not scared of spiders it was still bad cos ‘I scared of heights and da dark!’ But unlike the cache name LA:RS DIDN’T light the way 😦 !

Now I’m gonna say it was probably the best cache ever and what makes it even better is the fact that me, smif247 and Luminesence got FTF on it – woo hoo!

SORRY i’m going to stop gibber gabbering and go now!

bye bye


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3 thoughts on “CadencetheGeokid:sequel/200 mark!

  1. You make me LA:FF lots :o) glad you got a good milestone!!!!

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