Kent Cachers go Barking Mad in Boxley

Barking Mad

The sleepy little village of Boxley, near Maidstone were not prepared for the invasion of Kent Geocachers last weekend (Saturday 10th March 2012).

Lardy-bloke & GCmozart





A little while ago TopropeIan publicised an event entitled High Tea,

“Afternoon tea, is a small meal snack typically eaten between 2pm and 5pm. The custom of afternoon tea originated in England in the 1840s. At the time, the various classes in England had a divergence in their eating habits.

The guys on the "pull"

or for those being a little more adventurous stay for HIGH TEA”

for the geocaching community which just so happened to be taking place in the vicinity of a particulary high cache.

There were many instructions given for this “event” including

  • You will not “have to climb a tree”
  • There are no picnic tables to stand on
  • Specialist equipment is required (and will be available)

To name just a few. This seemed like a challenge! More investigation was required so a quick log on to to see what caches were nearby.

A few minutes later we discovered a traditional cache within a few feet of the

Mrs Bacass taking a rest

event. But not just any kind of traditional cache. This had a D/T (Difficulty/Terrain) rating of 3/5 and went by the name of “Barking Mad”. On further investigation we discovered this is considered to be extreme caching.

Not a lot of thought came next, Smif247 & I were most definitely going to the High Tea picnic, in the hopes we got a chance to try for this cache.

We were not disappointed. The day arrived and early on the day our email alerts began pinging! An added bonus, along the route in to Boxley new caches were being published. Result!

High Tea picnic

Bag packed, food packed, travel bugs packed. Boots on, lets go!

Arriving in Boxley we discovered that it was very difficult to find anywhere to park. Which could mean one of two things; The event was bigger than expected or Boxley really is a tiny little place. Turns out it was both.

At the site of the event there was a massive tree, easily 60ft tall and was adorned with ropes and pulleys.

Beneath said tree there were many people all awaiting their turn to climb up the tree, mingling, eating, and logging travel bugs. Swapping stories of geocaching exploits, sharing puzzle solutions and enjoying general chit chat.

Kalles crew

Little Miss Naughty








More than 50 geocaching teams were in attendance throughout the day and


many people attempted the climb with the assistance of TopropeIan, Sir-Lancelot and Ginger4x4 with others chipping in to help along the way.

Such a well attended event and cache, the logs on the pages say it all really.

I wonder if the guys will do it again sometime, perhaps for another extreme cache such as Let’s Face it!


By Luminesence

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3 thoughts on “Kent Cachers go Barking Mad in Boxley

  1. I am so gutted that i had to do the thing they call work when this happened would love to have come along and climbed up this is now on my to do list maybe without the ropes but will have to see. Glad you all had fun on this day.

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