Extreme Geocaching

I have got the bug for extreme caching at the moment, Lumi  is hoping it will pass soon after having to fill in for me on the latest supermarket sweep 11.

As it had her down an undergrouond tunnel in a river bed.

SS #11

So anyway on to todays adventure, by early this morning I had a call about a new cache that had been placed, but not through the usual channels and here were the coordinates.

Out the door I rolled at 0214 to meet up with two other cachers that share the madness and off into the night we drove. It took about three hours to get to GZ, we overtook two “cut it squirt it” trucks on the way, both on a blue light but hey ho!!

At the intersection

At GZ we jimmied open the outer shell so to speak and found our selves in a long tunnel heading west for a quater mile. We came to a cross section, looking to the left it was a small corridor that had a cave in at some point, turning right looped all the way back to the start, but came out five foot to the left, over the river.

Starting back to the cross section we went straight over. ‘By now it must be getting light’ I thought, as I could see the occasional air vent on our route. After about 400 yards the tunnel took an upright turn linking in with an underground rail track.

We could hear the occasional rumble of a tube train; but it seemed safe so we continued on our way. Ten minutes later we overheard voices in the

We'll go this way then

distance! ‘It must be someone else’ we thought, looking for our award. But no! Turns out it was the boys in blue securitiy checking the new olympic tunnel structure. After getting chased down one of the tubes we made it safely into a side room, about 4×8 feet and it had a small ladder leading up, so we followed it, up and out into what was fast becoming the worst caching experience ever. As we broke into the light it was only then we realised we had just been caught in an april fools blog.

Happy caching and keep out of strange holes in the ground!

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6 thoughts on “Extreme Geocaching

  1. dollypeg

    well done Faye, you deserve a medal

  2. FYI: Never run from the official muggles. It is a good way to get arrested.

    Sounds like a hairy experience tho 🙂

  3. M of DDMR

    Oh dear smif247 what are we going to do with you.
    I know find a lovely long system of tunnels all neatly lined with soft white padding. Lol
    But whatever I still love you luminescence cadence the geokid & jellybeans
    & of course the rest of DDMR
    Keep up the good blogging

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