Extreme caching; Part Two

Last night saw me advancing into the realms of the 5/5 geocacher.

A group of us had planned and checked out the site of a well know local cache called Let’s face it by TopRopeIan.

The cache is located halfway up a chalk cliff in Bluebell Hill, Medway, Kent.


We hoped that the weather would stay on our side, and while the ropes were set up, it did!



As I began my descent the heavens opened and everyone began getting wet. To be honest I was too busy controlling myself to notice the change in weather, but smif247 had noticed. The site I had when I got to the bottom was reminiscent of a drowned rat.


Three hours in the pouring rain and six abseils later from the rest of the group, we all looked a bit wet. But that didn’t stop us from seeking out another 5/5 nearby Down, in & up


This proved to be a bit too difficult for me, due to the fatigue kicking in, but by all accounts it was a really good and more challenging geocache. So much so, that on the “down” part Winter-smith descending incredibly fast and was only stopped by the large tree at the bottom, once round the tree he fell again, straight into the water.


A great Geocaching adventure was had by all and in the failing light, soaked to the skin, mud from ear to ear, we all headed home with huge smiles on our faces.



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2 thoughts on “Extreme caching; Part Two

  1. This looks incredible.I’d love to do a 5/5 but am not an experienced climber (or descender LOL). Do you have to set this all up yourself or does the CO actually assist with the equipment needed (I’ve heard on some caches the COs leave equipment required nearby)? Quite the adventure!

    • We set it up ourselves as we are lucky enough to have the kit. I do know that if you contact TopRopeIan and ask nicely he will arrange a time to be there with kit and guide you through it. As the saying goes “no cache is worth dying for!” and Ian is a good guy and help where he can.

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