Green Fields and Geocaches

Most people who have been involved with Scouting or Guiding over the decades will know what I mean by “Green Field camping.” For those who don’t, in layman’s terms it simply means dig yourself a poo pit! Sounds disgusting really, but as a Scout leader, the prospect of spending a few days on holiday with my family at a camp site that describes itself as a “green fields” site it didn’t daunt me in the slightest. I did however neglect to tell the geokids how basic it would be. I’m cruel and just wanted to see their reactions!

I have to give Smif247 the credit here, as it was him who found the site through “UK Campsite” website, just a few days before we wanted to go. Not only did we discover that Abbey Home Farm would be a very cheap stay, but they have cut out the paper work and middle man by saying you don’t need to book. Just turn up during the farm shop opening hours and book yourself in at the shop. Result!

I do like spur of the moment planning. So with car and geokids loaded we set of on a 2 and a half hour trip to Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Me being the worrier that I am I was convinced we wouldn’t make it in time, but by lunchtime we had arrived in the Cotswolds and our green fields adventure was about to begin.

Booked in, tent set up and car unloaded it was time to explore. Well, that’s the usual itinerary, but this being England, the heavens opened and exploration was put off until the rain stopped and in typical British tradition, that was the next day. With the exception of the soggy trips to use the site facilities. Now as previously explained I was expecting us to dig toilet pits, however Abbey Home Farm had provided campers with some interesting facilities, which made the stay less “green fields” to the enjoyment of the geokids.

The Ladies

First off there were two log cabins which were compostable ladies and gents toilet cubicles. No need to flush, just throw down a handful of sawdust! Of course men need a urinal too, Abbey Home Farm didn’t disappoint, the men were provided with a straw filled trough which was enclosed with a tarpaulin like structure. But the farm didn’t stop there. They had also built two shower cubicles as well. The facilities were getting better and better! Okay maybe not 5 star, but it would be a hot shower if you warm your own water and then use the foot pump at the end of the garden hose…




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