Have you had your 5 a day?


As its the summer holidays here in sunny, I mean wet England, I decided that August would be the best month for me to complete a couple of challenge geocaches.

The first being The Calendar Challenge by TopRopeIan. This is where you need to find at least one cache every day for the month.

The first thing I did was look at my statistics calendar and highlight every day in August that I hadn’t found a cache on. This was when I noticed that I had a seven day block without finds.

Okay, getting a little excited here because that meant I could also try for TopRopeIan’s other challenge geocache, 5 a day challenge .

How hard can it be? Incredibly hard to start with because as a newbie I had cleared almost all of my nearby caches! This is now one of the first pieces of advice I give to people just starting this hobby, because believe me a time will come when you really need caches close to home.

Okay, next step was to sit down and look at what was available in my surrounding area. I wanted to choose a variety of geocaches including some that others felt were worthy finds. I also wanted to have a least one day as cache and dashes just in case I felt my fatigue was taking too much of a hold on me. In addition I thought it would be a good idea to choose caches that Smif247 was yet to find, so that he too could benefit from his “5 a day”!

That was a difficult task in deed, and the list keeps changing and evolving as the week goes on. And we are yet to decide which caches we want for Saturday and Sunday.


Today is only day three of only being allowed to grab 5 a day, and today was the hardest so far. We only did cache and dashes today but just as we grabbed our last find the urge for “just one more” was there. I felt like an addict needing a fix, I found it very hard to just go home and do my admin. But go home I did, now I sit here writing this while Smif247 works out if he will be eligible to find the Know your local Cacher ChallengeBy Geocotch, as that is on our list for tomorrow.

As for day 5 (Friday), well that’s for finding 5 puzzles caches that I spent several months solving just for the “5 a day”. I am really looking forward to finishing this challenge but am now finding it is a little harder than I thought.


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