International Geocaching Day was “pants”

Saturday 18 August began like any other normal day, up with the sun, enjoying a cuppa and brekkie in bed, lazing until half 10…. before remembering that it was the day of the Kent County Cachers monthly meet. This meant we had to get a wriggle on to get ourselves out to Tonbridge for the meet at Hildon Manor.

But the geocaching day did not stop there, it was also the 2nd annual Geocaching day and we knew of another event that was planned for the evening. So we spent the afternoon sitting in the sun enjoying talk of geocaches, puzzles, circuits, recommended places to visit and meeting with many other geocachers, some I knew and am pleased to call “family”, many others it was a first time meeting.

The Muggleton Inn, Maidstone

After the monthly meet, smif247 and I went home to meet the geokids and to prepare ourselves for the Muggleton Flash. I chose to follow some very old advice that my mother used to say about being prepared for any eventually by making sure we all had a spare set of clean undies!

Kent Cachers showing off next weeks washing

A good job we did really… because at the blow of a whistle everyone donned their clean undies either on their heads or over their clothes. Boy did we all look daft! And we stayed that way for 15 minutes, getting some very odd looks from the locals of “Muggleton” (Charles Dickens gave this name for Maidstone) including the local police and fire service who happened to be passing! The police even drove past twice, presumably to confirm what they thought they saw.

Mrs Far Away

In addition to that, The Muggleton Inn just across the way had just opened its nightclub for the evening, so more strange looks from oncoming clubbers.


Fifteen minutes later, underwear removed, we hung around chatting to new faces that had joined us for the flash while some others disappeared to complete Lardy-Bloke’s Maidstone’s Mini Multi. See, no matter where we go, we all end up having to cache. I once heard this described as OCD (Obsessive Caching Disorder)!

Sue at Sea with Jellybeansgeokid

The time was getting on a little and the geokids were getting peckish, so as a large group we decided to move the “flash” meet to nearby Burger King for food, drink and some more geocaching chit chat.


It was here that the hardcore cachers in our group (namely LA:RS) decided that it would be a great idea if we all went out and checked out a local geocache by the name of Shrek!


The mini meet moved again! This time to the Malta Inn, down by the river. With thanks to TopropeIan, armed with wellies, torches, mop? and general geocaching attire, we headed out to ground zero, 300ft along the river path from the parking co-ordinates.

Rosieb123 & Mrs Bacas

15 of us arrived at the given co-ordinates, the geokids decided they weren’t prepared to trek across a swamp in the dark and stayed with those who had already found Shrek. Sir-Lancelot was on torch duty along with Bacas, TRI had provided a set of wellies, which meant we would have to go in a relay as there were several of us that hadn’t been before.

LA:RS with TopropeIan

LA:RS took the lead by stripping down to his underpants (all the guys ended up doing this), donning the wellies and waded out to the given point. Then it was my turn to take the cache back! Wellies on and jeans rolled up as far as they could go off I set following LA:RS’s lighting my way.

Signing the pants shaped log book

I squelched, I tripped, I sunk, the boots overflowed with swamp water as I struggled to the hiding place, once there, cache replaced I then had to instruct my legs on how to get back. This was not easy in the slightest, but I made it.

Jellybeansgeokid trying to find her prince

While I had been attempting to find my way to GZ and back again, Little Miss Naughty had been getting herself ready. She had changed, borrowed a pair of Where’s Wally boxers from The Hurks and looked as though she was ready to take on the world.

Muddy swamp legs

Well it was International Geocaching Day and Kent Cachers did have a “pants” flash meet, so in the spirit of things, everyone else decided to grab and sign Shrek in their under garments! It does make me wonder what on earth we will do next year to top this one?!

Where’s Wally? or should it be Where’s Shrek?

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