Career possibility…


I’ve just signed up for the distance learning course for proof reading and copy editing in the UK with

This is for two reasons. The first being that I am currently looking for and applying for jobs and have been since April. My self confidence is now taking a battering and believe it or not, having no regular work is actually kind of boring.

Secondly, I have been self employed in the past and I miss being my own boss. With this qualification I can return to that by freelancing with publishers and working from home, so little to no work related fuel costs and I can be available for my children more.

As a result of this decision, I wondered whether there is anyone out in the big wide world of the Internet who may require a proof reader or copy editor and are willing to trial a trainee. If that is you then please feel free to email me

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2 thoughts on “Career possibility…

  1. Good luck! Editing was a great way for me to earn money and still be home with my kids during the day. I wish you the best!

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