Light feedback from Cadence

Over the few years of caching, my family and I have encounterd lots of weird and wonderful geocaches including lars (doesn’t) lights the way  and many more (to go over them would take a million years).

Many people seem to be addicted to geocaching or just simply have no idea what it is, but we are neither, like the land between the trenchs! We do a lot of things in our life but geocaching sort of holds it all together even if I don’t admit it often. Without geocaching many more people would be sitting on the sofa watching tv or playing computer games. Unhealthy but enjoyable!

Not everyone enjoys caching but we do, not every one likes the outdoors but we do! Without us the world would be full of unknown forts and castles! They would be myths on television or cartoon games on the computer not live and in your face, not rough or smooth nor fun!

I may moan and groan about caching and long walks but I know deep down that I enjoy them that they hold me together and make me, Cadence, me!

Please remember I am 10 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Light feedback from Cadence

  1. Sue Cook

    Congratulations “Cadence”. What a wonderful blog and beautifully written. You said it all! 🙂 🙂

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