The Christmas season got off to a flying start in Kent with the meet on 1st December 2012. I had heard about other counties giving out awards at their monthly geocaching meets and thought it was about time Kent County Cacher’s started their own tradition of certificates. I do hope they were well received and below you can see who achieved what;

Kent County Cachers

Kent County Cachers





CadencetheGrokid, Geowolf97, Joeytjap, QB and DB


happy-fairy, mumsy, froggie25, LardyBloke,


Bean & Sprout


tia67uk, LA:RS, KennyBell17, Jmizio


TheHurks, Kalle’s Crew, windy-miller, little-miss-naughty


LisaSullivan & Earle, mankybadger

1000 FINDS

Winter-Smith, rosieb123, Geosoldier2647, Addict1, SueAtSea, kitkave, smif247, nick the trucker, borrowed_wine, MartinWalks, Sludge bucket, Slumped, philatryewood

2000 FINDS

BaCas, Sir-Lancelot, dave-harris, dps-gps

3000 FINDS

Saints1, Charlton11

5000 FINDS


6000 FINDS


7000 FINDS

Sandra123, Fudgeman

8000 FINDS

Far Away


The following awards were given with fun in mind. Some of which fellow geocacher’s voted for during the meet. We had a lot fun thinking up some categories and we hope to have different ones next year.

Sat Nav Un-Savvy 

For not being able to find geocaching meets around the county and for needing assistance to find tupperware in the woods

nick the trucker

Sat Nav Un-Savvy

Sat Nav Un-Savvy

Lat Long Lassitude

For a track record of publishing the wrong co-ordinates for the Naughty Weekend Away camps


Lat Long Lassitude

Furthest travelled to the meet

We had a few possibilities for this one; Mug C Girl came from Wales, Saints1 & Fudgeman travelled from Dorset, borrowed_wine raced down from Glasgow;

but DubaiDiamonds actually live in Dubai and were over here to spend Christmas with daughter, Kalle’s Crew

Furthest travelled

Furthest travelled

Sir-Lancelot was recognised for building www.tee-bees.co.uk, www.challengespotter.co.uk and for helping other cachers to jazz up their listings pages.

Most helpful geocacher

This was awarded to the team that has been most helpful this year, whether it would be for “phone a friend” or puzzle help.

dps-gps were clear winners

Most helpful geocacher

Most helpful geocacher

Most extreme geocache

This was awarded for the geocache that had provided people with the most exciting, hair-raising extreme experience.

Down, in, up by Ginger4x4

Most extreme

Most extreme

Following the arrow

To qualify for this award, geocachers voted for other’s who they thought deserved to be recognised for taking the most direct route regardless of obstacles in their way. The winners were shocked that others knew about their embarassing experience of being locked in at Brand’s Hatch golf course and trying to drive their way out on to a nearby road, which wasn’t a road at all, it was part of the golf course. Well done to Sandra123 & kat15.

Following the arrow

Following the arrow

FTF Chaser

This was awarded based on how many first to finds had been found and it went to Baby kitkave for having found 59 with the first being at just 3 days old.

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