New Years Day


2013 got off to a blinding start when a small handful of Kent County Cachers met up at Higham Station for our second New Years Day walk. The order of the day was to take in Lumi’s Loop and Smif’s Stroll, and other nearby geocaches. The weather was very good with the winter sun shining and the cold breeze barely noticeable. This meant there was a good handful of Cachers to take in the beautiful views across Higham & Cliffe.


Smif & I let the others do the navigating seeing as the circulars are owned by us, this gave me the chance to watch how others go about finding elusive boxes in the woods. Not that there is much woodland on my loop. As we travelled across the incredibly boggy, soggy & muddy byways and footpaths, the Christmas/New Year salutations quickly turned to the usual geocaching chitchat. Normally this means we end up walking straight past geocaches, but thankfully there were a couple of people more on the ball than others.


But the trouble with so many people means that they all head off in many directions just for one small cache in a race to be the one who finds it first. However that does mean that the first finder then ends up having to write in all the different team names. Not today though, today we called our entourage Muddy Kent Cachers.


I particularly enjoyed the walk, as this meant I was able to perform some much needed maintenance on my containers. Turns out we needed to replace two and dry out another. As we headed towards Lumi’s Loop #7 we spotted a couple by the roadside. It was clear they were also geocachers as they were looking intently at ground zero. It must have felt quite daunting for Zoom walkers to have a mass muggling. Introductions went round and I was asked questions about one of my hides. We also needed to replace a cache that belongs to Geowolf97 (previously known as jellybeans). Top rope ian did the honours of putting it in place for us, he was also the best dressed cacher of the day. Personally I think he maybe went out on new years eve and never went home to change!


At the end of Lumi’s Loop we said farewell to froggie25, joeytjap and QB&DB. Now to do Smif’s Stroll (in reverse). Whilst at the second find the group spotted a couple with a stroller gaining quickly, it would seem that Kitkave had caught up to join the gang. This was where I left the guys, they carried on with Smif’s slightly more obscure hides, while I went home to rest before the onslaught of muddy geocachers needing hot drinks. Two hours later I got the call to start boiling the kettle. LA:RS had arrived with his geokids and was soon followed by Martinwalks, who provided a tin of biscuits. Then came the others, my living room was overflowing with cachers (Top rope ian, smif247, nick the trucker, windy-Miller, mug l guy, mug c girl & kitkave) enjoying teas, coffees and chocolate biscuits. The geotalk had now turned to trackables and geocoins, there were easily 20 dog tags & coins being passed around. We were soon joined by Sue at Sea & Addict1, turns out they were in the area trying to track down the new puzzle, Een januari


I want to thank everyone who joined us today for making New Years Day much more enjoyable than those that came before. Thank you all for being my second family.

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