The night London turned GREEN

History in the making on Wednesday 30th January 2013.

Operation #Penknife

Well done to UK Enlightened faction for the team work, coordination and weeks of hard work and planning via Google+ for making the huge control field linking Dover to Newbury to Cambridge to Dover.

It lasted for about 45 minutes before the resistance managed to start taking out the links and it has left a ghost field across the entirety of London and the Home Counties.

If you are Enlightened then re share this to the whole world over and prove to the resistance it is time to embrace the Ingress Enlightenment.






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12 thoughts on “The night London turned GREEN

  1. Yeah, well played! πŸ™‚ I enjoyed it, and I bat for the Resistance. Hope all y’all had a beverage or two to celebrate.

    I’ve just worked out how you managed to plant those Obelisk resonators out of my reach – sent small children into the undergrowth, didn’t you, whereas a galumphing great clod-hopper like me couldn’t get near ’em. Got YOUR number! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Catherine, thanks for the praise but we really have Matt White on google plus to thank for the whole idea and for bringing it together. It really was fantastic fun.

      As for the Obelisk resonators no small children were involved in the deployment. In fact they decided to stay home on that occasion but the youngest one joined smif247 and myself last night for the big showdown and now wants a piece of Ingress for herself.

      • Catherine Taylor

        Well the congratulations were really meant for all those involved. Yours was the first non G+ post I found about it, though, so yours was the one I shared on Facebook! πŸ™‚

        Is your daughter creating some artwork to try and score an invite? And are you ready to shell out for an Android device for her?

      • My original post on G+ was also shared by Ingress too, I’m a very happy Enlightened this morning πŸ˜€

        As for Android devices, we have them coming out of our ears so that isn’t an issue.

        And yes she has been creating Ingress art. While we were out last night she was on Mine craft creative mode making resonators, xmp busters and portals. I’m going to get her to send over the screen shots so I can share them on here.

      • Catherine Taylor

        Sounds fabulous! I was trying to describe Ingress to a non-player, and I opined that I felt it could be a great activity for a family to play together.

        So, come on – which faction will she choose?

      • I forgot to say thanks for the re-share πŸ˜€

        I would hope that she would choose Enlightened, however our area is a resistance levelling up playing field, so who knows

        We already do geocaching as a family but Ingress has taken over the last 2 weeks while this field was in the implementation. But yes it is something than can be done as a family, but I am well aware it is not to everyone’s liking.

        It’s also a great way to discover new places that are generally hidden around us.

  2. Congratulations, Agents. Excellent field report.

    • Many thanks Brian. The person who really needs recognition is Matt White on google plus. I will update the blog today with relevant links to the relevant people.

      A great night was had by us all.

  3. Tim Ward

    So, how many MU did this escapade net you? Also, does the field creator get AP for those fields indirectly destroyed because they’re encompassed in a larger field?

    • Enlightened got 2.5m MU. The player who created the field got the large ap. There were links taken down prior to the control field and those players got the relevant ap. Nothing was destroyed as the field went up because it wouldn’t have worked if there were blocking links.
      I hope that makes sense.

      • Tim Ward

        I mean the Resistance fields which were entirely enveloped by the larger fields, not any that might have been blocking the links.

      • As far as I am aware the existing fields underneath the large enlightened field remained intact and unharmed. Our field wasn’t up long enough to affect the game play.

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