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And that right there is why I will not do my daughters homework, coursework etc. If my children choose to not put in their best efforts despite me going blue in the face explaining why they should always put in 100%, then surely it will teach them to try harder next time.

Having worked in schools since 2005 I have seen plenty of children handing in work that was clearly created by parents and not the children themselves. You are not helping your child if you do the work for them, especially if you wish to see your child get into a good school and go on to higher education.

My children have achieved and are continuing to achieve their own potential purely on their own merits and I highly recommend that you let your children do the same. This is how we learn, adjust and grow. Through mistakes, errors and corrections.

By all means support your children, guide them and help them, but never give them the answers, show them how to find those answers for themselves


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One thought on “Why I Will Let My Children Fail | BlogHer

  1. I agree completely with this philosophy. While it is certainly OK to help a child with things that they are not able to handle, a parents should constantly be handing over responsibility to the child. At some point you will not be there, and at that point your kid needs to be able to deal on his own. It is much better to have that happen when you are there to help them learn this independence with the little stuff, than facing it alone with the big stuff later on.

    My personal philosophy is that my job as a parent is not to raise a happy child, but a functioning adult. Don’t sell your kids short by trading short term happiness for long term gain.

    Well done.

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