Thoughts on the spiral of life


I have a vision, a dream, a hope. I have no idea how plausible this vision is. But I like to think that it could happen, one day! Perhaps in my lifetime or the lifetimes of my children and their grandchildren.

I see a world united in peace, with no ruling governments, no armies, no politics, no violence, because there is no need for it. I visualise a world of equality for all. No multi-billion dollar conglomerates. No business take-overs. Everyone is as equal as each other. No more rich and poor culture.

I see billions of families living and working together in small communities and those small communities working with other small communities, in harmony with each other. Learning to live in the ‘old’ ways. Supporting our local skilled workmen and women, without the need to go further afield.

Money is no longer a valuable item, trade is done using knowledge and skills, within the communities. Everyone has their own home, they are no longer “owned” by the banks (government). World debts are finally written off because no country can afford to pay off the other loaning countries, therefore making money worthless. No one person is better than any other or more qualified than any other.

Everyone will realise that although we all have different beliefs, cultures, religions. We all share a common starting point, Creation. We begin to realise that what we have now, the life we all seem to lead is not what God intended. Through this realisation our world begins to change. We become “enlightened” for want of a better word.

I don’t have any idea how our world can change from what it is at the moment. Everyday I read more stories in the news of people hurting, killing each other, sometimes because they may not have the correct morals or understanding. Other times because they “signed up” to protect their country, and the governments of those countries send their soldiers out to protect other countries whether they are wanted or needed or not!

Just the other day I read an article stating that the North Koreans are still testing nuclear devices, as what could only be described as a retaliation against the government thinking of the USA. Or at least that is how the news article read.

You see, news (in my opinion) is written based on how our leaders want us to perceive the world. The news is not reported to inform us of what is going on in the world. It is there to distract us from what is really going on.

Oh dear, I’m beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist! The point I am trying to make is, the governments are already failing, the banks are already failing, the leaders are already failing.

I am no academic, I am no writer, I am no professor, I am not a theologian or a philosopher. I am just one person who feels like as a race we are currently heading in the wrong direction. And we have been for a very long time.

Less than a century ago, we had the opportunity to make a better world for ourselves. World War II happened. During those years of fighting and suffering (which I believe were unnecessary), the people of England and probably many other countries too, were learning how to live together, work together and provide together. They did this in small communities, with love and grace for each and every person. They taught and learnt together. Many people were producing much of their own food, and what couldn’t be produced in one area was traded for from others. Resources were low, money was around but in my eyes pretty worthless. Paper coupons had more value than silver coins.

After the war, there was so much damage. Lives needed to be rebuilt as did homes. And our ancestors did rebuild. Unfortunately though for everyone, the rebuilding of governments dictated how our lives should be rebuilt. And instead of everyone continuing to work as one in peace and harmony, the leaders of the day pushed on with power in a bid to make money and become the richest country in the world. Of course this didn’t really happen, because the other powerful countries had the same idea. So now we are stuck in a world with a few large countries trying to out do the others in a bid to be the best, to be the most powerful, to be in control of everyone.

I am sure there are others out there who think the same way as me, and like me, have no idea when or even how this global change will occur. Some believe that the end of days is coming. I do not really understand this from the biblical point of view, but from what I gather it is a similar concept to the one I portrayed earlier. The only way I can see such a huge and dramatic change happening, would be some global disaster in which everything comes crashing to a halt, forcing us to rethink our futures and how we choose to live.

I know there are some communities out there already who are trying to live a simple life of peace. But the concepts are kept to themselves, hidden from the outside world.

The trouble is, this idealistic world that I visualise will be continuously flawed, it would seem perfect for a while, everything and everyone would be working in peace, harmony and grace. But there will always be someone, one person or a group of people, that want more. Who will want power and domination and they will fight to get it. And so the wheel will turn again, and we will be right back where we are now.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the spiral of life

  1. Jesse Lunsford

    Very heart felt post. Unfortunately in our lifetime, I believe this will simply be fodder for SciFi writers. I wish that were not true.

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