My journey into freelance

universal-proofreading-symbols_01I decided a few weeks back during an episode of extreme fatigue that I really need to reconsider my work choices. I have been doing the odd few days here and there covering teaching assistant posts in a wide variety of schools, but when flu hit just after a 4 day week, leaving me very weak and unfathomably tired, I knew I had to make a change.

I started this journey back in September 2012, when I embarked upon a proofreading and copy editing course. In my mind I knew I was capable of the tasks ahead, and having learned what I can only describe as a new language (international proofreading symbols) I thought I could take on the world. Unfortunately my self confidence took a battering when I received the results of the final proofreading assessment. I was not going to be accredited or certificated as I was one grade away from the publishing courses baseline of B.

Three months on and I am becoming more confident and more determined. I have now begun the long slow journey to becoming a freelance proofreader. In the past few weeks I have created profiles on LinkedInPeopleperhour and Freelancer. Placing bids and proposals for work on the latter, with my fingers crossed that someone out there will give a newbie a chance to step onto this difficult ladder.

Today I was torn between starting a new blog for this purpose or just incorporating it into this existing blog. As you can see I chose to stick with one blog. Not only does it keep all my thoughts in one place, but with so many people already following my path it seemed rather futile to begin again. Also it was just as easy to set up a new category, The Freelance Life, and move all the relevant stories into it and create a new page, Proofreading, advertising my services.

Now I just have the waiting game to contend with. In between writing introductory letters to publishing companies, submitting proposals and bids on freelance orientated websites, working the odd day cover in schools and of course being a mother and a housewife. Wow, that just made me feel very tired again!

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