Beginners Luck?

Well this has been an interesting week with regards to starting out as a freelancer.

My week began with me creating profiles on LinkedIn, Freelancer and Peopleperhour followed up by My journey into freelance blog article.

In addition to all the sharing I did through Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to post a free ad on Gumtree as part of my proactive attempt to procure some freelance work.


My job advert

It didn’t take too long before I received my first response. It was not quite what I had expected at all!


From: Prof

Based on your post, I’d respectfully consider and seek another career – your grammar is appalling!

I have of course replied, asking the author of the message to be more precise with their offer of feedback. However, three days later and I am still awaiting an answer.

I did however access my advert through the mobile version of the site and noticed that in the advertisement headline and the actual post, a capital A has been inserted in front of the £ symbol. I can only assume that this was the reason that prompted the email from Prof.

Later that day, while I was nursing my pride and self confidence I was blessed with a promising private message via Facebook. One of my acquaintances hosts several websites and have requested a quote for my proofreading services.

So with everything crossed and frequent prayers, I am looking forward to beginning my first project soon.


In response to friendly constructive feedback, of which I am most grateful, the advert has been updated and improved.

However viewing the advertisement on mobile apps is causing me no end of trouble. The website has inserted more strange characters, I need to have a chat with some of my techy friends to see how I can resolve this.

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3 thoughts on “Beginners Luck?

  1. Personally I see nothing wrong with your grammar. ‘Prof’ is a nutjob.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you Dave

      I too know there was nothing wrong with my grammar. So unfortunate that Prof was unable to be more clear with his obvious complaint.

      Rest assured if he ever replies I will be sharing it here 🙂

  2. In my opinion? Pay “Prof” no mind. Complete your first project (which I’m sure you’ll do with thoroughness and excellence) add it to your experience portfolio (and a cool recommendaction from the delighted client, on LinkedIn, should be a given) rinse, repeat, and progress. Pulling for you! 🙂

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