Kent Cachers Cache In Trash Out

Sunday 10 March 2013

Milton Creek Country Park, Sittingbourne


First off, what is Cache In Trash Out (CITO)?

Cache in trash out is a type of geocaching event which allows another smilie on our profile maps, but it is also an event where geocachers come together and do something good for the environment. Namely litter picking in a specific area before heading off to collect nearby plastic boxes!


Payback time – Clean up Kent #1 (GC41QYV)

Sir-Lancelot began talks with Ed the warden of Milton Creek Country Park, Sittingbourne  many months ago, discussing a variety of ideas on how Kent Cachers could help the country park during its development. It was eventually decided that we would help the park by planting saplings. 400 saplings to be exact!

Mother’s Day

Along came the 10th March, a day that was predicted very cold weather including snow showers; but this didn’t stop 34 geocaching teams from turning out and braving the cold for this new experience.

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day, giving back to the Earth by planting new life into the soil.


400 Saplings

Upon arrival, spades in hands, we were given a quick demonstration on how to plant a tree. Ed the warden showed us that the easiest way would be to cut a V shape into the soil, tuck the sapling roots into the ground and then push the V back into place.

Demonstration over the geocachers set to work planting the hawthorn and hazel. Boy, do these guys move quickly! All the trees were in the ground in under an hour, only just long enough to take a few working photo’s.

Smif247 commented afterwards “Can someone explain to me the logic of planting spiky things that are going to stab us when we come back treasure hunting?”


Dead Hedge!

Ed the warden had to think quickly on how best to use all the extra pairs of hands at his disposal. His associate and himself had been preparing wood to build a protective hedge around the saplings. It was then decided that some of the cacher’s would begin to put in the posts along the new tree line, then fill the gaps with the prepared “dead hedge” material. Trouble was, there weren’t enough tools!


Too many hands …

By this point in the day, there really were far too many hands and with several geocaches nearby it was inevitable that some teams would begin to break away from the work.

Word had got out that a group had headed out to a nearby bridge over Milton Creek to attempt Go Ninja 1.5 (GC3TZQK), a traditional cache with a d/t rating of 4.5/4.5. I went to check it out too as it had been on my “to do” list since last summer.

This particular geocache is not for the faint-hearted or for anyone who dislikes heights and water. Trust me!


Extract of my log;

“I headed round here to see how the geosoldiers and company were getting on and to make sure none of them had fallen in the creek. The tide was in and very fast flowing today.

LisaSullivan loaned me her gloves before I set out across the girders, much harder than I was expecting, it would appear that my fear is very much still there. Lots of verbal support from the soldiers and smif. I really need to learn not to look down, enough said!

A great adventurous cache which could be retrieved in a number of ways. I would highly recommend this not be done on your own.

Thanks for the hair-raising experience, a favourite point to KNC, not because I enjoyed it, but because of the mad-capped idea of putting a cache on the underside of a bridge over a fast flowing river. MAD”

For the not so adventurous there were a few other geocaches within the country park that could be found by attendees, Troll Hunter (GC3HEQB), Dingle Dangle (GC3WMA6) and even an archived geocache, Feeling Steamy (GC3GYC5).

Overall a very good day indeed and the snow showers held off until the end. I’m looking forward to returning in the future to see how our saplings have grown.

A final word from Sir-Lancelot

“Thank you to everyone attended. The warden was most impressed with the turn out and the speed with which everything got done, think he was planning on having a bit longer to prepare more materials for the dead hedge.”


Photo credits: SueatSea, Luminesence, LA:RS, LisaSullivan

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