Our newest family member


Introducing Misty, the newest member of the geocachingwithgeokids family.

Misty is almost 8 weeks old and has been with us for about a week. Her Mum is a Siberian Husky and Dad is a black Labrador. So far she is definitely showing signs of having a Labrador personality. Oh dear, please help us!

I’m really looking forward to being able to take her out for her first walk and geocache find. No doubt she will either have her own caching profile or at the very least become trackable. (Now where did I put that spare Groundspeak dog tag?)

I am hoping that the weather will be nice for the next Kent County Cachers monthly meet GC485M4 just so I can show her off.


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4 thoughts on “Our newest family member

  1. oh wow, how adorable is Misty, welcome to the world of geocaching Misty 🙂 haha If she is showing signs of the labrador’esque you will have fun, however she may come into great use with the snow when full size with a harness and sledge and the children in tow 😉

  2. She is beautiful, for sure whe will be great geodog just as our Fanynka is :-).

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