A mile a day keeps the pain at bay

A mile a day keeps the pain at bay

Beautiful Bluebells

Beautiful Bluebells

Okay, so my doctor tells me that one of the best things I can do while suffering with chronic pain and fatigue is to ensure that I walk at least 1 mile everyday. I can in fact see his point on this. Keep exercising no matter how much it hurts to reduce the risk of immobility and muscle fatigue. I am a great lover of the outside world. I find it very calming and therapeutic, and thus over the past few years I have done my best to get out there walking every weekend (some of my adventures are included in the archives).

This week I have finally tried harder to follow his advice, this is mostly due to the fact that since I began writing about this part of my life I have started to feel much more emotionally equipped to deal with what “my condition” throws at me. Let’s wind the clock back over the last seven days…

Between geocaching and Ingress it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to have some time out in the fresh air. Friday evening I enjoyed a lovely circular walk around Rochester town centre playing the gps location game, Ingress and taking in the wonderful sights the town has to offer. Saturday was the Kent Cachers flash mob event in Herne Bay, so we grabbed a few geocache’s along the way in a series of short walks from the car. Sunday saw me back in Rochester for Ingress again, this time rebuilding portals. Monday lunchtime Smif247 & I took Misty on a walk to grab our nearest unfound geocache, a one mile round trip across the beautiful rolling fields in Cooling and Tuesday evening we were back in Rochester for another circuit of the town centre after checking out a possible business venture.

Well, what can I say! By bedtime on Tuesday night every part of my body felt like it was burning, the joints screaming at me, every muscle felt like they were being pinched. Dosed up on paracetamol and ibuprofen on top of the amitriptyline the doc has prescribed, I eventually got to sleep around 1 am.

Glorious nature

Glorious nature

Waking up on Wednesday morning in a rather doped state (took my youngest three goes to get any sense out of me), I realised how much this pain can really hurt. It is definitely the worst I have experienced so far. I just could not get comfortable and although I published two blogs that day, it took me the best part of four hours to do so (wrist and finger cramps have started too now). I didn’t go for a walk that day! I just couldn’t bear the thought of more burning on top of the current burning.

Determined to follow my doctors advice and get some regular “daily” (I use the term loosely) exercise I chose to go out with Smif247 & Misty again. I wanted to do a little bit of geocaching, I find it is good for my soul and overall well-being. So we set off to Ranscombe Farm Reserve, a beautifully maintained area of woodland with some well thought out geocaches. The plan was to only walk about a mile (maybe a mile and a half) to log Plant-cache #1 and #2. However, after not finding the second geocache and noticing that the third in the series was close by we carried on. By the time we got back to the car I looked to see how far we had actually walked, 2.8 miles. Oopsy!

I really shouldn’t have done that, because last night was the same as Tuesday, and today I am not much better. My body seems to be finding new areas and new ways to create more pain. I will not let this little flare up set me back though and I will continue to push on through. Because when you experience the divine beauty of nature while keeping yourself fit and healthy then it’s got to be worth it, hasn’t it? Especially when emotionally you feel more refreshed from being outside. I will just have to be more strict with myself and actually tell myself to stop, instead of “going for just one more!”

Misty investigating the fallen tree

Misty investigating the fallen tree

Photographs were taken at Ranscombe Farm Reserve, Cuxton, Kent
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5 thoughts on “A mile a day keeps the pain at bay

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  2. I get the whole finger/wrist pain. Happens to be all the time. I work on a computer and take message all day. I need to walk more. I do see that it helps. Glad you were able to get out a bit.

    • hi caroltevor

      I would highly recommend getting out there, especially if the outdoors is something that lifts your mood as it does mine, but only do what you know you are capable of. I have always been of the nature to push my boundaries and then suffer later. Not a good move lol

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