Exam Stress?

Time to cram

Time to cram


I don’t believe it, I am in shock! We have reached that time in our lives when our eldest is now old enough for study leave.

But what is study leave? It only seems like yesterday when I was on study leave. 16 years of age and taking my GCSE’s (it was in fact longer ago than I care to remember). My memory of study leave (and I had to check with Mum that I was right) was getting up before 9 am, revising, reading, note-taking, cramming with occasional breaks in between on days when there were no examinations.

We were only expected to attend school on exam days and the rest was free time for extensive revision followed by headaches and the all inevitable phrase “I know it all but I can’t remember any of it”.

Well, Freya has reached this stage in her academic career. She officially finished school last Thursday and is now on “study leave”. In this day and age, well for her school anyhow, this means go to school on exam days and attend school in between based on the revision timetable provided to the students. So her idea of study leave is, sleep late on days she doesn’t need to attend and don’t even look at the books at home!

On top of the GCSE timetable, Leah also has a week of exams, Year 6 SATS. Her attitude towards these tests is in fact the attitude Freya should have. She has been putting unnecessary stress on herself with thoughts like “what if I don’t pass the level 6 paper!” We have had more tears in the last month over a set of assessment papers, which I personally think are a waste of time.

There has been more pressure put on an 11 year old than there has been for a secondary student embarking on the rest of her life. Am I missing something?

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2 thoughts on “Exam Stress?

  1. I think teachers should have to write semester/yearly tests just like students.

    • I agree with you there. I also think that the test papers should be proof read correctly, a case this week saw an 11 year old writing to the education secretary pointing out punctuation errors that were in the SATS papers this week. I asked my youngest about it and she agreed that there were.

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