Garden Life

Trying to enjoy my garden

See, I told you it was a mess!

See, I told you it was a mess!

I will be the first to admit that my garden is a mess. It needs a lot of work and tender loving care. A project that I am planning on undertaking even though I am struggling to find a sensible work/life balance with the pain and exhaustion. At the moment I am still building up the Gabapentin levels and still tending to over do activities.

I read a great post over the weekend by desdemonad, writer of The Wind blows all over about pacing yourself. Some really great points were made about doing certain tasks for 10 minutes followed by a rest period of 15 minutes. I like this idea and it has great potential to work well, but only if I am hard on myself.

On Sunday I did three half hour stints in the garden in a bid to clear it of mess, rubbish and items that I no longer require. On Monday I only managed twenty minutes of filling rubbish sacks before succumbing to the tiredness and aches. Unfortunately I made the mistake of leaving the sacks in the garden and our lovely and not so little puppy has had a good rummage, so in that respect I would say I need to repeat work that has already been done.

In my last post, a usable garden! I mentioned the fact that I am on a journey to reclaim the

A boot full of goodies

A boot full of goodies

space for vegetable growing. Unfortunately for me though, the soil is currently so compacted and dry I know that I need assistance with that particular task (the girls are definitely not interested in turning soil). I am no longer strong enough to wield a garden fork! So despite the fact the garden is my project I have had to draft in my not-so-willing step-son. However my brain is trying to tell me “you can do it, it’s not that hard”, hence why I am distracting myself with the blog instead in the sunshine. (Yay, sun & heat in England today!)

Oops I went a little off topic there. Anyway, as a result of the small amount of activity I have spent the last 48 hours trying to recover (I used to be able to spend an entire day working in the garden). During that time my Mum had been on her weekly shopping trip with her parents (both in their mid to late 80s) and was sending me random messages telling me the things she had got for my project, to give me a bit of a head start. I went from resting to almost bouncing off the walls with excitement (well as much as my body allowed) and promptly got in the car and headed over for coffee and collection.

Hen proof cloche! Home to pepper and tomato plants.

Hen proof cloche! Home to pepper and tomato plants.

Needless to say the pacing strategy was thrown out the window when I returned home. I mean, I had a variety of new plants and seeds that needed re-potting and sowing before the pup got to them. So once the youngest was home from school we spent almost two hours in the garden pretending to be gardeners and building cloches and so far with much success. The downside though was last night I was so tired I didn’t want to have “date night” and was resting in bed by 20:00. I also forgot to eat so it was almost 22:00 before I got any food inside me, not a sensible thing to do as I had a very restless night, waking to move several times followed by the discomfort of heartburn (I still haven’t got the hang of IBS). And today it has taken me four hours to become functional enough to think.

So today I am kind of resting; in the garden with the net-book talking to you and planning my next moves for my 40 ft square barren wasteland. Enjoying the sounds of my hens in their new surroundings, the songs of the wild life and the mischievous noises of a puppy trying to see how much she can get away with.

Carrots, broccoli, courgette, chard, cabbage and sweetcorn (which looks like it grew over night)

Carrots, broccoli, courgette, chard, cabbage and sweetcorn (which looks like it grew over night)

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5 thoughts on “Garden Life

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  2. Re-

    • All approved & accepted, thank you. I’ve been trying your method of pacing today, the way I currently feel I don’t think I will be doing much tomorrow 🙂

      • Listen to your body, ignore your mind telling you “i must to this. I should do that” just listen and be gentle. Hugs, Dee

      • I’m getting there slowly, but today’s method has been much better. I have rested well between each activity, but boy I really ache now!

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