Friendship – far and wide


Most people think friendship is about continuous and daily contact (talking and playing) but it isn’t, well not always! Some friendships can’t survive without daily contact because  they’re quite weak or in repair (mending a friendship isn’t easy, trust me)!

But most friends can go for a few days to a week without speaking or making contact and still keep a healthy friendship. I like to think I have an incredibly healthy friendship with a girl from my previous school, Natasha! Since I moved schools in 2010 Natasha and I have seen each other five times and are still the best friends the world’s ever seen, don’t ask me how we just are! It’s quite hard to make this work because I’ve heard of long distant relationships but never long distant friendships, and it is long distance, she lives near Dartford and I live in Medway. Plus the fact we don’t see each other at school!

Now life as geocacher is similar because you make friends at meets and then you don’t get to see each other until the next meet (if you’re both even going!). I mean sure, most people have Facebook, Google + and Twitter and even a phone plus a number of other ways of comunication, but what if you have Facebook and a phone but your friend has G+ and beebo! It gets quite hard in those situations but you just “gotta keep it together man” and stay calm no matter what!!! I know what you’re thinking “yeah right hippie talk!” But sorry that is what you’ve got to do or just get beebo, G+,Facebook and phone but come on, all of that hassle just to keep contact! Are you that desperate?

I made up a poem to tell some of the “couldn’t care less no brainers”  in this world what friendship is.
Keeping you here!
I try my best,
My very best,
To keep you by my side.
It is quite hard now,
With me being here and you being there.
I’m just trying to keep you here!

For you’re my friend,
Far and wide,
Close and near,
Bad times,
Good times,
Keeping you here!

We survive,
Through hundreds of miles,
Here, there and everywhere.
Writing you letters,
Making billions of calls.
Whilst I’m keeping you here!

For you’re my friend,
Far and wide,
Bad times,
Good times,
Keeping you here!

By Cadence (age 11)

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One thought on “Friendship – far and wide

  1. Mum/Grandma

    Wow. “Lily” what a lovely blog and poem. I too am in touch, well Christmas card exchange, with two people who I was “besties” at school with. One from junior school (left there 45 years ago) the other from secondary (40 years ago). Hope you and Natasha share that long a contact.

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