Wolfiesworks meets Geocaching

Wolfieswork on Facebook

Wolfieswork on Facebook

It has only been three weeks since Wolfie/Freya allowed me to take the plunge with creating a Facebook page to share her polymer clay creations with the world.



Well what can I say? Within those three weeks she has generated many more custom requests than we’ve had sales through Etsy. Having just browsed through the statistics (I love numbers) her page is reaching about 1000 views a week and this morning Wolfiesworks hit 50 likes.

Her hobby (and system of de-stressing) of moulding clay is rapidly becoming a viable business venture, and this morning she made the decision to invest in an invoice book and cash ledger to record all the comings and goings (a very grown up move).


An awkward turtle

I took time looking back through the recent orders (& photographs) and have noticed that the majority of them have all come from geocachers.

It seems that our fellow gps geeks love the little figurines and MeChibi’s so much that several are becoming travel bug companions. For those that don’t know, a travel bug is a trackable dog tag with a unique code that you log online through Geocaching.com. They travel around from one geocache to another all over the world and geocachers pick them up to move on, discovering them along the way.

Geo-guinea pig

Geo-guinea pig

Two of the new MeChibi’s (one is still to be made, just waiting on a particular type of clay first) will be taking part in a “race”. They will be getting released on the same day and the trackable owners will be totaling up the companions mileage each month and the loser has to supply the winner with a McDonalds’ meal (I believe).

So what type of companion would you add to a travel bug? So far, Wolfie has supplied geocachers with an “awkward turtle”, a guinea pig, a hamster, a soldier, pirates, geocacher in a bush and a dog.


I’ve asked her if she will make a charm bracelet using the geocache container types icons. I’m looking forward to seeing how they will turn out.



Geocacher in a bush

Geocacher in a bush



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2 thoughts on “Wolfiesworks meets Geocaching

  1. Mum/Grandma

    Looking forward to seeing the charm bracelet. What a great idea for a gift. My personal preference would me a minagerey (damn can’t spell it) try animal collection domestic or wild would do. Maybe even cats. Big cats:- lions etc mixed with domestic tabbies black and white etc.
    keep up the brilliant work Wolfie xxx

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