Piratemania 6 – The Journey


Friday 26 July 2013

We set sail at 9 this morning and our first port of call was the Cobham services on the m25 to meet up with fellow pirates, TeamFayers, JLFbrick, little miss naughty and Bacas.


Lunch break for the scurvy crew

Well Bacas missed the turning and little miss naughty couldn’t find us. So they carried on towards our final destination (Piratemania 6). Another quick break at junction 10 of the M40  and we found little miss naughty.

We finally anchored up at around half 3 and the mammoth task of pitching up camp in the scorching sun began. Boy were we hot and the sweat was dripping off everyone.


Kent County Cachers in port for a piratey weekend

Shopping was the next task so off to Morrisons (Stratford Trollied) with a couple of the crew so that we could enjoy a communal barbecue.


Barbecue in full swing

Sir-Lancelot and easytiger09 were late to the party, but at least they bought along their “muggle” friend Gary who happens to be trackable and a massive party animal.


Gary enjoying a drink


Not forgetting the most important part of a campfire – toasting the marshmallows.


Geokids toasting marshmallows

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