Piratemania 6 – Celebrity Visitors

Sunday 28 July 2013

This morning saw on onslaught of women and supporters all dressed in pink. Pink shirts, pink shorts, pink shoes, pink hair, you name it – everywhere was pink.


Race for Life – Cancer Research UK

Us pirates were now sharing Stratford Racecourse with another event, Race for Life. The national fundraising initiative for Cancer Research UK, and boy did they know we were there.


Racing to the finish line

I popped over to grab a few photos. The host for the mornings event was none other than Emma Bunton (previously famous for being Baby Spice of The Spice Girls). No sooner were the words “hello racers” heard over the tanoy, the pirates resounded with an awesome and very loud “ooh arrrrrrrrrr!”.


Words of encouragement

After the race was over and they had all packed up we were blessed with another famous (or should I say infamous) guest to the Piratemania site. Adam Redshaw, editor of the rapidly growing UK Cache Mag (and purveyor of silly grins) popped round to say hi to the scurvy sea dogs from around the country.


Adam with his Wolfieswork’s key fob

When Adam arrived at the Kent County Cachers camp he was presented with a gift from Wolfie of Wolfiesworks, his very own polymer clay key fob with the UK Cache Mag title logo.

While Adam went off to seek out other cachers to chat with I rallied my troops together so that we could all join Adam off site for dinner. Our destination was The big Fish , an award winning fish & chip bar in the heart of Stratford’s retail estate.


Kent Cachers enjoying food with UK Cache Mag

Whilst there I think our group must have managed to sample at least half of the menu options including the Southern Fried Fish, Fish Bowl Combo and Warm Cajun Chicken Salad. Good food in good company and we had the honour of meeting the owner and giving her an onsite review of the tasty tidbits that were on offer. If you took the opportunity of visiting The big Fish then why not “like” their Facebook page .

With our bellies full and the fact that the staff were trying to lock up for the night smif247 and I decided to take our crew and Adam out to a nearby cache that we had found earlier in the day. One that just so happens to be owned by Kent’s very own caching couple, Bacas. The geocache in question was Red Phone Box #43 – Stratford upon Avon. I figured that as we had five geocaching teams that needed to claim the find (and it would make an interesting cover photo for Adam’s magazine) we would see if we could fit all of them into the phone box. It was a tight squeeze and we must have looked a funny site, but we just about managed to fit 4 adults and 2 children into the confined space.


How are we all going to get in there?


Nick the trucker, Geowolf97, CadencetheGeokid, TeamFayers & UK Cache Mag all inside a world famous Red Telephone Box

Thank you Adam for joining us for food and fun.

Once the sun had set we had the usual camp antics, bonfire, chats, marshmallows and….

A glow in the dark scorpion!



Luminesence with Sting

If you’ve been following then you will remember me telling you about Sting the Scorpion , well it turns out that under a uv light scorpions look like they glow in the dark and I had the privilege of holding him (while shaking in my boots).


Scorpions really are ultra violet

A very eventful day for all of us, I have no idea how I have found time to write all this down 😀 The last installment is still to come, but there may be a little wait while we pack up the gear and tackle the 180 mile journey back home.

For more Geocaching event news and Geo stories why not subscribe to the UK Cache Mag, just click the icon below.

UK Cache Mag

UK Cache Mag


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