Dad’s Army – IGC2013

International Geocaching Day

International Geocaching Day

What will you be doing on Saturday 17th August 2013?

I personally will be attending another Kent County Geocacher’s meet. This month it is hosted by two members of The Royal Engineers, LA:RS and Geosoldier2647.  The meet in question is called “Dad’s Army” GC4F1FY.

Ryal Engineers

Royal Engineers


Standby…. Warning Order…


:INTENT – It is our intent to execute a monthly meeting within our tactical Area Of Responsibility. Sussex Cachers will cover us from the South and Essex Cachers to the North.


:MISSION – KCC are to seek out and sign the Logbook, ensuring Smileys are gained on Higher Commands mapping.

We will RV at: 1200 – 1500hours. Location – The Halfway House, Canterbury Road, Challock, TN25 4BB… where a transformation of new recruits (You Guys n Gals) into honorary Quasi-Geosoldiers for the day will take place!

You are required (if you so wish) to engage in the frivolity by attending in some form of Combat wear fancy dress…

The public house can be viewed over secure means at:

Six OP’s (Observation Posts) will be in place for the event where you’ll have to visit and gather information on the Enemy location they’re all watching. (a field puzzle).

Dad's Army

Dad’s Army

So I’ve got my uniform starched and kit bag ready for the days mission. Sounds exciting – so much so that the event has made it onto the bookmark list for the 3rd Annual Geocaching day 2013. If you are unable to attend our event, why not check out the bookamrk list and see if there is one in your area.

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