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1st Facebook Scout group Neckerchief

1st Facebook Scout group Neckerchief

As some of you know I am a geocaching Scout leader – who enjoys releasing Scout related travel bugs. I currently have four traveling around the world somewhere, but today I want to share one in particular with you. Lumi’s 1st Facebook Scout Necker is by far my favourite Scout travel bug to date.

Lord Baden-Powell

I’ll begin with a little bit of history  (and will try not to bore the pants of you!). Scouting began in 1907 when Robert Baden-Powell took a group of boys on a camp to Brownsea Island. This camp marked the birth of Scouting which is celebrated worldwide every year on 1 August.

I began my Scouting career at the end of 2006, and started working with the youths in our centenary year of 2007 and boy what a buzz it was that year. It was also that year that I joined Facebook and found 1st Facebook Scout Group. It was through this group that I first became friends with a couple of lads from Egypt who had been over here for the World Scout Jamboree and were returning in 2008 for Essex International Jamboree and they wanted to get to know people they would be working with.

Sometime during 2007/2008 Scouters on 1st Facebook wanted to have neckerchief’s and “district” badges that they could have on their camp blankets etc and OneStopScouting rose to the challenge. I have no idea how many Scouters out there have these neckers but I bought several (I’m not addicted, honest). I began wearing mine to unofficial events and on camps and quite often got asked about it and where to get it. I even wore the necker and my Scout uniform to a Scouting For Girls concert.

This brings us to summer 2013, Kent International Jamboree was being held at Detling County Showground and quite a few of my friends were staying there. Two of which are also geocachers; Winter-smith and Sir-Lancelot. Sir-Lancelot had created a geocaching event to be held just outside of the grounds in the hopes that other Scouting geocachers would spot it and come along to An International Get Together and celebrate 106 years of Scouting as it was 1 August. Then my idea was born…

…I spent the day sewing group and district badges to my 1st Facebook necker along with the geocaching travel bug dog tag and wore it to the event.

Geocaching Scouts

Not one of my greatest images, but hey we are all geocaching scouters; (L to R) Bloater40, CadencetheGeokid, Luminesence, Winter-smith, Sir-Lancelot. 

That evening I couldn’t bare to part with my neckerchief, but by the time we had our next Kent meet up (just 8 days later) I was ready for it to go “into the wild” but I wasn’t able to pass it on to just anybody (it was like saying farewell to a dear friend). Sir-Lancelot offered to move my prized neckerchief on to pastures new.

I had no idea where it may end up!  I was expecting it to be placed into a cache ready for the next caretaker, so I was a little surprised to see it just a few weeks later at another Kent meet. Sir-Lancelot had decided to pass it on to another Scouter. ssw639 was to be the new caretaker – “very excited to have the responsibility of this trackable. Am off to Gilwell Reunion next week, so will take it with me and hopefully meet some other Scouty Cachers. Thanks Lumi for this lovely TB xx”

WoW! My neckerchief was going to Gilwell Reunion, I still haven’t managed to get there myself (life has managed to get in the way every year so far). My neckerchief was beginning to have a much better adventure than me.

Yesterday I recieved a “grabbed” log immediately followed by several “discovered” logs – what on earth was going on? I quickly went to my emails and found the following;

geocachescouts grabbed it   Visit Log
At Gilwell Reunion we went to meet Geocachers after a post on 1st Facebook and went along to the Lion Gate to meet. We got to meet Stephanie who was also camping at the Gilwell Reunion, great to meet another Geocaching Leader…
Then we were passed on this great 1st Facebook Scout Necker to pass on to another geocaching scout leader… Great Stuff!!
I am also the leader who runs and run geocaching presentations at other groups and very soon for a group of Guide Leaders… so a visit to a presentation first then we will pass it on.
Thankyou for this great trackable.

Geocaching Scouts UK

Yay – another Scouting geocacher acting as caretaker for my 1st Facebook Scout Necker and this guy is none other than the page owner forGeocaching Scouts UK and the website Geocaching Scouts UK.

My enthusiam for travel bugs has now risen to almost jumping up and down with glee. I am very excited to see where my neckerchief ends up next and I do hope that geocachescouts takes plenty of photographs of my necker at the presentations he will be doing.


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  1. Jumping_Jenny_444

    I’ve heard of geocaching before. It sounds interesting! 🙂

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