About Us

We are just a regular family who love the outdoors and obviously we love geocaching.

Luminesence – Geo Profile

I am Mum to the geokids, a teaching assistant and Cub Scout leader. I am also embarking on a new career as a proofreader, working from home.
I talk a lot too, so I imagine I will probably post the most. I am very opinionated and I do try hard to get my point across, I don’t apologise for this. It is who I am. We also have a Facebook page too.

 Smif247 – Geo Profile

Geocaching and Ingress addict & a mid-life nutter. Addicted to newly published emails and willing to go out all hours trying for the elusive FTF status, or blasting resistance portals to the sky.


Musical maestro and stage diva. Teenager who has recently discovered the joys of Messenger and dating her boyfriend. Now branching out into small business ventures with Etsy.


Youngest cacher which means she is also the smallest and can get into some hard to reach places. Enjoys blogging on the school website so hopefully you will see more posts from CadencetheGeokid.

And finally introducing Misty

The newest addition to our geocaching family. Misty is half husky, half labrador and boy is she growing quickly. I wonder if we will ever manage to get her to sniff out a geocache or two.



3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi there,
    many thanks for the follow on http://www.postsofhypnoticsuggestion.wordpress.com, it’s much appreciated.
    Wishing you all the best

    PS I’m also on twitter, so if you feel like following me there as well, you’d be most welcome (www.twitter.com/tbtalks)

    • Hi Tony

      No problem at all, I was intrigued when you liked my posts so went to investigate. I have found some of your articles interesting and hope they may help me on my journey to acceptance/recovery.

      I have followed on twitter too, I’m @FayecBrown.

      Thanks again, Faye

      • As I want lots of different people to read my work, I think it only right and proper that I set out to read lots of different blogs myself. I find some really great and varied musings out there in blog-land.
        Although it’s not the intention, some people come back to find out where I came from when I’ve read their blogs.
        I’m glad you did!
        You obviously are really passionate about the whole geo-coaching thing. It was really interesting to read about what you’re doing.
        All the best
        See you on twitter, Faye

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