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Some of the interesting travel bugs, tags and geocoins that we have discovered and moved. Including our personal ones.

Piratemania 6 – Stinging Trackable

Friday 26 July 2013

As a geocacher we do enjoy discovering trackables, today has seen the most unusual trackable to date.

The geokids heard that The Flying Boots were on site and had bought their reptiles along with them. Well, the kids were off to check them out along with Nick the trucker and sidderz. Turns out that their scorpion is a trackable pet and to claim the discovery you must have your photo taken with Sting the Scorpion.


Geowolf97 & Sting


Nick the trucker looking a little nervous


A confident Sidderz

Cadence wasn’t quite so brave but was comfortable to have a “cuddle” with their 60 year old tortoise.


CadencetheGeokid holding a tortoise six times her senior

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Wolfiesworks meets Geocaching

Wolfieswork on Facebook

Wolfieswork on Facebook

It has only been three weeks since Wolfie/Freya allowed me to take the plunge with creating a Facebook page to share her polymer clay creations with the world.



Well what can I say? Within those three weeks she has generated many more custom requests than we’ve had sales through Etsy. Having just browsed through the statistics (I love numbers) her page is reaching about 1000 views a week and this morning Wolfiesworks hit 50 likes.

Her hobby (and system of de-stressing) of moulding clay is rapidly becoming a viable business venture, and this morning she made the decision to invest in an invoice book and cash ledger to record all the comings and goings (a very grown up move).


An awkward turtle

I took time looking back through the recent orders (& photographs) and have noticed that the majority of them have all come from geocachers.

It seems that our fellow gps geeks love the little figurines and MeChibi’s so much that several are becoming travel bug companions. For those that don’t know, a travel bug is a trackable dog tag with a unique code that you log online through They travel around from one geocache to another all over the world and geocachers pick them up to move on, discovering them along the way.

Geo-guinea pig

Geo-guinea pig

Two of the new MeChibi’s (one is still to be made, just waiting on a particular type of clay first) will be taking part in a “race”. They will be getting released on the same day and the trackable owners will be totaling up the companions mileage each month and the loser has to supply the winner with a McDonalds’ meal (I believe).

So what type of companion would you add to a travel bug? So far, Wolfie has supplied geocachers with an “awkward turtle”, a guinea pig, a hamster, a soldier, pirates, geocacher in a bush and a dog.


I’ve asked her if she will make a charm bracelet using the geocache container types icons. I’m looking forward to seeing how they will turn out.



Geocacher in a bush

Geocacher in a bush



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Tell me a story in the USA

A while back I introduced you to my new travel bug “Tell me a story” and thought I would revisit this topic as the notebooks journey has well and truly begun.

“Tell me a Story”

I did indeed take it to Piratemania V where it was discovered by hundred’s of piratey geocachers and was given a good start by having a couple of stories added to it. Whilst at Piratemania V I had the pleasure of meeting a co-founder of Geocaching – Bryan and had hoped that he would seek us out on the camp and add his own story to my travel bug, but alas it was so busy with 900+ geocachers all wanting to meet Bryan and Groundspeak Lackey, Jonathon. Perhaps one day “Tell me a Story” will find its way to Geocaching headquarters!

Anyhow lets get back on track…

Once home from Piratemania V I got the book ready for its long journey to North Carolina and to debaere. Having now travelled over 4000 miles, the stories have started to come in. Debaere kindly took some photo’s of some of the stories so that I was able to share them with you.

Mayberry Zoo

The Tale Of The First Lamp Post.

This story recounts the true tale of a man. A hairy man. A jolly man. A fat man (no, not *that* jolly fat man!). This man goes by the name of G. O. Cacher. He is, of course, Canadian. 

At the time this story is set, he has only recently been blessed with the knowledge of obscure objects, caches, stashed in the secret places of the world. His newfound mission is to seek out these objects He has only found a few, but he waits with anticipation of more adventures.

Alone he sits in the dark comfort of his living room, when such a racket as has never befalled him before rang forth, shattering the peaceful quiet. That sound indicates the birth of a brand new container. That sound was a notification from Lackeys Of Groundspeak.

Intrigued with the possibilities a brand new cache may bring, he suits up and heads out the door. Thus a new adventure begins.

The hunt leads him to the parking lot of yonder Aldi. It was quiet… too quiet. The wind blows through his hair. The search for the mystery object begins.

In a 30 foot radius he begins to spiral inwards, looking under every rock and in every tree. Success, however, would elude him. Perplexed he reassesses the scene. There are trees, a few rocks, and a lamp post. The trees are empty, and the upturned rocks refuse to give up their secrets. There is nothing on the post, but maybe… just maybe… the lamp post holds more secrets than it lets on. 

A closer examination reveals that not everything is as it appears. Not everything is attached. The skirt moves. It lifts. Could it be? Yes. There is the sacred object he seeks!

Elation ensues. Caches are opened. Log books are signed. Containers are replaced. Success is declared. The adventure concludes.

As time passes our hero returns to the hunt again and again. Often sparring with his old nemesis, the lamp post. Time and again he defeats this foe. Each time he remembers fondly his first encounter with the lamp post, and how sweet that conquest tasted. Weary he lifts the skirt again, wishing he was back at his first time, the only time, when the lamp post cache was cool.

Ok, ok, the second time was cool too. Debaere”

Hibriten Hunters

“Out for my days walk while attending Pirate Mania V. Seems like many people I got the navigation on this one at the garden centre a bit wrong. Fortunately for everyone else they managed to pass through eventually without any major issues. But not so for me, I got collared by the old man who lived at the house who came screaming up to me on his sitting on his lawnmower.

It was fair to say he was pretty livid with what we he saw as people walking all over his lawn all ‘b***dy weekend’; I fully understood that I apologised to him and explained that the OS map goes a bit vague and it looks like the path could go through there. He then told me I was talking ‘b***dy rubbish’ and that he’d been living there for years. I showed him the map and he told me that I couldn’t possibly see on a map of that ‘b***dy’ scale before steaming off on his sit on lawnmower… without telling me the right way.

My personal view is that the area needs to sign posted properly…. and if he can’t see a 1:25000 scale OS map, not even question why I was tramping about dressed as a pirate then he need to go to bl**dy specsavers. smile

USEFUL DIRECTIONS; if you are doing series anti-clockwise, as you approach the garden centre, go to the left of the building and up the side; up on the bank as you go around you will see the stile. DON’T go upsetting the lawnmower man by going anywhere near the house to the right of the garden centre. If you’re going the other direction you probably won’t have the issue.

Oh, the cache was a quick find!
many thanks,



So there we have it, the first of what I hope will be many stories to come! If you come across “Tell me a story” then add your tale and please share that tale on the travel bug page on

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“Tell me a story”

The idea of a story book travel bug has been in the pipeline for quite some time. Inspired by a cache somewhere in the West Country where visiting geocachers have to continue the story in the log book. I had considered the idea for a cache of my own in Kent but not quite got the final idea formulated yet.

A couple of months ago I purchased 5 travel bug dog tags which were on offer. Four of which got released for our family “chicken run tb race” and the fifth lay on the coffee table staring at me, this was when my idea began to grow.


Off to WHSmiths I went in search of a suitable notebook to add the dog tag to. Once found I began writing the travel bug page and the idea just grew and grew.

Basically when a geocacher has the book in their possession they contribute a Geocaching story of their own to the book.


Once the book is full then it begins it’s travel home. I am hoping that some of the story tellers give permission for me to share their stories here on the blog.

Before I set the travel bug off into the wild I will be taking it to Piratemania where it can be discovered and the first additions can be made. Then it will be traveling via air mail to the USA where it will begin it’s true journey with the help of Geocaching friend Debaere.

To view Tell me a story just click on the link


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Herman ; The Edible Travel Bug

I have been meaning to write about travel bugs & geocoins for some time now, because they really intrigue me. Some are beautiful, some are downright ugly but each and everyone has a story behind it and a journey to undertake.

A small selection of trackables that have passed my way

What are travel bugs, geocoins and trackables? I hear you ask! These are generic names given to items of all shapes and sizes, that geocachers send out

“Bad Boy” Geo coin

“into the wild” or keep as a means of tracking their personal mileage. Each item is personal to the geocacher in some way and quite often has a story attached to it. They each have a unique tracking number etched on to a tag (or on the geocoin), geocachers then make a note of the number and can add logs on Some “owners” have created some great goals and stories for their trackables and I have a lot of fun discovering them and reading about their travels.

Herman the travel bug

But none have been as interesting as Herman! My story of Herman begins on 18 Feb 2012 at Kent Cachers Best Bib and Tucker Meet in Maidstone, Kent. At our monthly meets we have the TB pot, where we all drop travel bugs & geocoins for swapping. At this particular meet there was a particularly unusual travel bug, placed by little-miss-naughty. At first we just assumed it was baby food for Little Car, how wrong we all were! This strange little tub was picked up by borrowed-wine at the end of the meet and was looked after for 10 days.

Then came the special Leap Day event organised by Sir-Lancelot, and the strange tub of mixture put in another appearance. Now after having read up on Herman I was adamant I was not going to go home with this strange looking liquid. Famous last thoughts! Before I knew what was happening Smif247 had picked up the mixture and informed me it was coming home with us.

Once home, smif247 had to find the detailed instructions on how to look after Herman, the most worrying of which was You CANNOT put me in the fridge or I will die. If I stop bubbling, I am dead.”

Herman’s new home

First things first was to empty the tub into a mixing bowl, stir it and cover with a tea towel. That was when we first noticed the yeast smell. On reading the instructions we discovered that Herman would be getting hungry the following day and that “it” would need feeding.

Already we starting to feel quite responsible for this strange mixture bubbling away in the kitchen.

After Herman’s first meal

In no time at all Herman began to integrate himself into the family. All of us would check on his progress every day to make sure he was still bubbling. All of us panicking that Smif247 may end up killing the first edible trackable in Kent! Thankfully this did not happen. Smif247 looked after Herman as if he was his own child.

I must add however that we did not take him out on geocaching adventures with us (only logged him as visiting the nearest cache to home), unlike another cacher in our community who had been given a share of the first round of Herman!

Herman got very hungry

Then day 9 arrived and we had to feed Herman again before splitting him into 4 equal portions. We had to give away two to friends, refill the TB container so Herman could continue his journey and prepare ourselves for cooking up our portion.

By this point Herman really had become another member of the household and it was quite a daunting feeling knowing that we would be cooking him and then eating him. Word of advice – don’t ever name a cake! It makes it harder to eat!

On day 10 we added all the final ingredients and set about cooking Herman: The German Friendship cake. Then the inevitable happened! The reviewer for our area started publishing brand new caches within 3 miles of our home location!!!

Argh! What to do? Easy really, we left Jellybeans behind with strict instructions on when to turn off the oven, so we could go out and grab the FTF”s. One of which was the Supermarket Sweep series that Smif247 is crazy about.

Upon our return and in need of some celebration (we grabbed 2 FTF’s), Herman was cooked and had cooled enough for eating with a well deserved cup of tea.

Herman is ready for eating

Our cake sitting didn’t quite end there. We still had another 2 days before we could pass on the travel bug mixture to another geocacher at the Kent mini meet, High Tea, and one of our friends who was to have one of Herman’s “babies” decided to go away for a few days. So Smif247 had to go through the whole process a second time. I personally think he really enjoyed it.

Herman is now well and truly on a journey from cacher to cacher. Last heard he was dropped off at the Surrey Cachers monthly meet and is now residing in the home of sidjoloo. I wish him all the best of luck traveling across the country and I hope he touches the hearts and homes of many, just as he did ours.

Auf Weidersein Herman!

UPDATE: Herman reached his destination July 2012

By Luminesence

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I like the idea of trackables. Seeing where an item goes to and what stories it leads to.

My first trackable was Woggle Bug released on 6th May 2011, and from that moment on I became hooked on traveling items. It’s great to see where they have visited and occasionally people do take photographs of them while they are visiting caches.

It took me a little while to decide it was time to release woggle bug into “the wild” but I was pleased to do so, at the time of writing this, woggle bug had traveled 770 miles around England. Unfortunately it has not been seen since September 2011 but I am hopeful that it will turn up again soon. Who knows, maybe in another country. 

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