Geocaching Pages

Here you can find a list of Geocaching related webpages and groups. The official Groundspeak website for geocaches around the world. Here you will find all you need to know to get started


Kent Mega 2014 will be held at The hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6PY – Why not hop over to the website and register your interest today.

Geocaching Association of  Great Britain “The Geocaching Association of Great Britain (GAGB) is the leading UK Geocaching body, recognised by and acting on behalf of cachers. The association was established in 2004 to provide a voice for its members in the United Kingdom with the aim of establishing good Geocaching practices, providing a focal point for public liaison and supporting the growth and enjoyment of Geocaching within the UK.” Quoted from GAGB

UK Cachemag A new magazine dedicated to geocaching, the brain child of Adam Redshaw. Out now and available on subscription, either as per issue or annually.

Opencaching and Opencaching UK are other listing sites for geocaches

Terracaching A world wide geocaching game, fostering quality caches, creativity, and friendly competition. “It’s not about the quantity it’s all about Quality”

Terracaching Europe A world wide geocaching game, fostering quality caches, creativity, and friendly competition. “It’s not about the quantity it’s all about Quality”

Wherigo “Wherigo is a toolset for creating and playing GPS-enabled adventures in the real world. Use GPS technology to guide you to physical locations and interact with virtual objects and characters.”

Munzee “Munzee is a real world scavenger hunt game where items are found in the real world and captured using your smartphone. You then level up and gain rank based on your score.”

Geocachingwithgeokids Facebook page to support our popular blog

Wolfiesworks Facebook page for Wolfie’s small business. She makes polymer clay sculptures that are proving to be very popular among the geocaching community

Geocaching UK Facebook group covering Geocaching across the United Kingdom

Geocaching in Kent Facebook group for Geocachers living in Kent, England

SE Caching Web page and forum dedicated to South East England

Selbac (Geocaching) Facebook group for Geocachers living in South East London, Beckenham and Croydon & surrounding areas

Geocaching Puzzle Help Facebook group for all the puzzle help that you may need, or for you to provide assistance to others if you happen to be a puzzle whizz

TB Rescue Website dedicated to travel bug rescue

Piratemania Official website for Mega event – Piratemania, family friendly geocaching camp

South East area monthly meets A dedicated micro site maintained by BaSHful detailing official monthly meets in Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex

Cachestore For all your geocaching essentials. Cachestore is run by Surrey geocacher, Ivymill, and all profits are donated to charity.

Geocacher University Downloads and printables for various sized log books

TechBlazer Downloads and printables for various sized log books

Kent Cachers Meets Under Construction

Mega2012 Official website for Mega 2012 in North West England. Huge geocaching camp

Geolympix An International Celebration of Geocaching in Oxford’s Beautiful Town Hall – Sunday July 22nd 2012

Life as a Geocacher Blog by Firennice and  Bluerajah. This blog includes pages for the Oldest active caches in the world, Germany & the UK. With more to come soon

toflabeuze A blog for Geocaching in France

Geocaching 366 A blog chronicling a geocachers attempt to get 1 cache every day for 2012

fitbobcat A geocachers blog of Geocaching Freebies, Tips and Adventures


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